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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Semi-Annual Post to Tell You I'm Alive

Apparently, this is my semi-annual post for the Spirit of Saint Lewis.  I'm not dead.  Clearly, my goal to spend less time on the internet has been achieved.  Lord. 

Things have been fine, all going well.  We've just returned from our fourth annual trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts.  For Bear Week.  Grrrr.  Thousands of fuzzy men from around the world were in P-Town last week for Bear Week.  It's always a lot of fun to visit with friends from around the country.  Eight of us stay in a large rented house right in the heart of town.  Easy for walking and shopping and enjoying all of the many activities that Bear Week presents.  We left there yesterday morning on a ferry to Boston loaded down with more than 500 Bears and their luggage.  Suffice it to say, that it was quite the experience.  And now we're home, exhausted, and even a little depressed because we miss our friends.  We're picking up Mason in a bit from the place that he boards at while we're gone.  And the gym -- must get to the gym today. 

And speaking of the gym, I've been quite faithful after taking an extended hiatus.  I was very ashamed of myself internally for being such a strong person and, yet, not being able find the wherewithal to actually get my ass to 24 Hour Fitness.  There has been no excuse.  I simply had not been going.  But I'm back on the horse now and enjoying it.  The human motivation, or lack thereof, still causes me to think what a crazy and wishy-washy people we are. 

I've had an undocumented goal over the past year or so to spend less time on the internet.  And, obviously, from the lack of posts here, I've achieved that to some degree.  I'm still active on Facebook -- but less than in the past.  I need balance.  I need to focus outward more....to the sky and trees and water.  Things that make me happy.  The internet is so addicting.  And leads to such a waste of time if not harnessed. 

We are completing a refinance of our condominium after many, many hoops and pieces of paperwork to make it happen.  I'm thankful.  And happy.  The summer included Bear Week which I've already talked about ..... but not much more than that.  Although we do try to attend as many of Portland's free summer concerts in the parks as possible.  There are concerts every single night of the week in a wide variety of parks during July and August.  This will be our 15th summer of making that a tradition.  We take a picnic, the pooch, and our lawn chairs and drinks and enjoy the summer evenings.  So that's it.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just normal.  Oh, listen to me using the word normal.  Please.