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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today I'm trying the launch of my new blog, The Sprit of Saint Lewis. Don't ask about the "Saint" part......I don't have a very good reason, and it's not true, that's for sure (as any of you who know me will attest). I just thought it sounded kind of slick. I've followed a number of people's blogs for several years now beginning with my good friend B (can I use your real name?) at Musings Northwest and then just followed his links from there. It's been a ton of fun and easy to keep up with him and others. It's not done yet, till being created, and I'll keep on adding features and fine tuning it. So, on this beautiful foggy fall morning when the trees are nearly at their peak in awesome color, I welcome you here. It's my favorite time of year. Come back, sit a spell often, and relax. I'm way up for hearing from you. Don't be shy and please pass along the link. My goal is to create a global network of good friends...to share commoness and difference, to experience to great and the tough times, to live life on a wonderfully different level.


Bob said...

Hi Lewis, I'm Archerr's artist friend Bob. I saw your recent comments to him and wanted to check out your blog.

Lewis said...

Thanks tons for stopping in, Bob. I hope you'll stay in touch.

Cher said...

To the artist formerly known as Arnie! Thank you SO much for including me in your invitation. It is so good to hear from you, and to catch up on you a little. I hope your enthusiasm sustains itself! Praying for God to guide and guard you. Much love and a big hug, Cher

Lewis said...

Oh my god, Cher! Amazing. And wonderful. And great. And beautiful.....to hear from you. I hope you stay in touch and follow the blog when you have time.