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Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Becoming a Republican

No, wait...that's not quite the truth. The truth, however, is that I am going to be a very frustrated Democrat deep inside Republican territory over the next four days. After an exhausting 14 hour duty day today (our aircraft broke in Las Vegas this morning and I just now arrived back in Portland at 10pm after getting myself home) we're leaving in the morning for Boise, Idaho. It's a 400 mile trip on I-84 which we actually enjoy driving. Mason is going with us so his grandmother and auntie can see him. We'll be there until Wednesday. It's always a test of one's ability to remain calm and poised in the midst of evangelical arrogance and red, white and blue. Ugh. In fact, you'll see a lovely little Don't Ask, Don't Tell expose on what I mean right here...that's the way they do business in Idaho...So, that's it. No blogging or such until the middle of the week. You know I love ya.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Know the Way to San Jose....Err, A...the Nude Beach ??

It is no secret that I'm a nudist. I haven't always been, but you'll remember that sordid story from way back. As soon as good weather hits here, there is this sudden hankering for grabbing lunch and making my way to either Rooster Rock or Sauvie Island. We have two clothing-optional beaches near Portland. In fact, we had the first one in the US. I've actually taken the time to create a Google Map with directions to both of them because they can be a little tricky to find-- you'll see the icon for the Nude Beach on the left side bar of my blog. I sometimes stop at either Subway or Burgerville on the way out of town for lunch...but very often take my peanut butter and honey sandwich and veggies with me for a picnic. Sometimes my honey and pooch go with me....but many times I'm all alone. I love going during the week when there are fewer people. In fact, sometimes I'm the only one there for a while in the early part of the day. They are both on the Columbia River. Rooster Rock is a bit more of a challenge -- it is about a 15 minute walk through tall brush from the parking lot. And the river level stays high much later in the season than Sauvie Island. In fact, sometimes you actually have to sort of wade through a bit of water/mud to get to the beach in the early part of the season at RR. It's kind of cool, though. And being right on the Columbia River is nothing short of amazing. RR is actually in the Columbia River National Scenic Area with some unbelievable scenery (other than the naked men)! Our beaches are probably not typical of many nude beaches around the world -- they are rural, rustic, and sort of even primitive. They are not completely full of the slimmest most sexy and hot men in the world. There are some....but mostly filled with typical natural sort of Oregon men who are just themselves....enjoying the natural lifestyle. It is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Now, the only decision for today is which beach to choose!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Near Meeting With Space Shuttle Atlantis

The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down at 08:39am Pacific time this morning at Edwards Air Force Base near Palmdale, California.

I was on a flight from Portland to San Diego and enjoying a cup of coffee after my inflight service this morning at approximately 08:30am when our captain made the following announcement:

"Ladies and gentlemen, in approximately 3-4 minutes we will be passing just to the west of Edwards Air Force Base...it will be on our left hand side. We have been speaking with air traffic control and they have informed us that within just a few minutes after we have passed it, the Space Shuttle Atlantis will be passing just behind our aircraft and land at Edwards AFB. This is a once in a lifetime moment for most of us."

I couldn't believe it. I stared out the window through the morning haze over at the dry lake beds that comprise the landing strip at Edwards. I've seen it a hundred times. But knowing that the very Space Shuttle that I've been watching all week work 350 miles above the earth's surface on the Hubble Space Telescope is going to be passing directly behind the aircraft I was on was something I won't soon forget. What a job. What a life!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I've misplaced something. And I've thought about it over and over...trying to figure out where I misplaced it. I had it, I really did. And I used it over and over, regularly, frequently.

Where has my motivation for the gym gone? I was such an avid go-er for a while. I enjoyed it, loved it, made me feel better. But it's disappeared. I know that there are cycles and times for everything and that I won't "feel" the same way about it every single day. But I'm not really a person who is feeling based and know full well that I have things to do in life even if I don't feel like it. I know all of that. And it's not like it's a long way away -- only about a five minute drive, a stinking mile and a third. And the yoga....the YOGA! I learned so much and enjoyed each of my yoga hours. And my hubby has fallen out of love with going as well....so that has removed my little extra bit of motivation.

It'll be back, I hope. And even if it's not, I still need to get back down there. I've developed this little right knee problem....it hurts. So, I'm being careful and am using it as a nice excuse to not go to the gym. And the funny part about that is that I'm not a person given over to excuses and bullshit and recognize it right away....and typically call myself, or anyone else, on it right away. The nice weather hasn't helped either...I'd rather pack my lunch and head to the nude beach for the day. That's the honest truth, I'm afraid.

So, I hope it'll be back. I trust that it will. And if it does, great! And if it doesn't, I need to find the wherewithal to do it anyway. Regardless of feeling.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walk With Hubby and Pooch -- Waiting for I-Phone

(Be sure you click on the pic here to get the full effect of this shameful t-shirt.) What a very nice stretch of fantastic weather we've been having. We took full advantage of it today as we all took a great walk near the Portland International Airport....on former wetlands owned by the Port. Here are the pictures! (Make sure you blow the pics up full screen for the full effect...including nice view of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.) There are a few other private pictures which will remain under lock and key unless I am properly paid for said photos. I have very mixed feelings about this piece of land. It formerly was completely vacant and consisted only of meadows, fields, and wetlands. It hosted hawks, great blue heron, and coyotes. The Port of Portland has (in my opinion, unfortunately) allowed building to begin on this giant piece of property. Today, it has an Ikea on it, along with a ton of shops at Cascade Station, several hotels, a new Target to be opened this year, and numerous businesses. There are cars and large commercial trucks everywhere. All of this on former vacant, quiet, peaceful wetlands. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful afternoon. We finished our time with an obligatory stop at Yo Cream. Tonight will consist of grilling on the BBQ and a cold bottle of Stella Artois.

It appears that even more information has been (supposedly) leaked by an unnamed Apple spokesperson regarding the release of a new I-Phone this summer. Unfortunately, if the information holds true, it won't happen before our summer vacation at Bear Week in Provincetown.

American Idol left me wanting more this season. By the end, I didn't care who won. I loved Adam to start with but his voice grated on me from time to time by the end of the season. I liked Kris as well....if for nothing else than the fact that he would be a perfect sandwich in bed (or would he??...he'd probably just lay there like a lump). I thought that Adam was the only one who really, truly, displayed his love for winning the competition. Kris was lackluster along with the rest of the show. It seemed boring, poor musical choices, crappy singing and much more. The show last night was a yawn. I think that my time at Idol has expired.

Our holiday weekend will leave me working a Phoenix turn on Friday, San Diego turn on Saturday, and a San Diego overnight on Sunday night. I'll be home early on Monday and, hopefully, we'll be able to toss together a Memorial Day BBQ for Monday evening.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me -- A Financial Liability

Just when you thought that gray hairs growing around your nipples and in your ears was the biggest issue of the day, the head of the GOP Michael Steele, has swung the pendulum the other direction. Suddenly, errant hairs on the body aren't such a big deal compared to, say, an African American man reducing gay marriage to a financial liability for the citizens and small businesses of United States -- the home of the (mostly) free and the brave......where (many) men are created equal. In case you missed his precious quote, here's what he said at a gathering of Republicans in the conservative state of Georgia:

“Now all of a sudden I’ve got someone who wasn’t a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for,” Steele told Republicans at the state convention in traditionally conservative Georgia. “So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money."

Oh my effin god...In a state where the likes of Mr. Steele used to be considered a piece of property to be sold, bartered, used and abused, he makes the Mother of All Comments. Apparently, he's forgotten that the heads of his ancestors used to have a price tag attached to them -- for, say, $17 or so. Shameful. Hateful. Painful.

Mr. Steele thinks that gay marriage will hurt small business -- that small business cannot afford to add spouses or domestic partners to their payrolls. Excuse me? I've been paying for the god-damned husbands and wives of everyone around me for many years and now I can't have the same thing afforded me? I've been paying for those who hate me -- those who vote against me and don't like me -- over and over for years. I've been paying taxes for years to send children to public school when I don't have a child myself in school? I don't have a choice. And they don't want to pay for me? Bullshit.

Even the conservative Washington Redskins official blog support the homosexual agenda. There are tongue-in-cheek comments in this thread that support murder, and even abortion, as a way to reduce the number of family members that companies are responsible for providing insurance for. Murder and abortion -- I love that! I can think of a few more ... beginning with the castration of Mr. Steele's black balls so that no more children have to be added to the insurance rolls.

So, Mr. Steele.....don't forget where you came from. And don't forget that this a basic issue of civil, human rights. You can continue to take this low-ball, silly approach to your Republican party, clearly struggling from a lack of vision and future. Or you can take the high road and earn your wings. Your choice, buster. You've committed a major error in judgment. Your party ought to send you back where you came from. You are the liability that this struggling nation does not need at this point in its history.

Trashy Technology and Travel Tuesday Tidbits

Here are a few pics that have been riding around in my mobile phone for a week or so....I just had to share them with you! I spent the day at Collin's Beach on Sauvie Island yesterday -- not a single ship passed by which was weird considering that there are usually multiple ships going to/from the Port of Portland with grain and cars from Asia. And I see now that Apple has let a bit of "confirmed" information slip about its release of a new Iphone in June....so I'll be on pins and needles until then.

And I suppose this is as good of a time as any to break the news to you, my dear friends and readers. As you well know, we have developed a whole new set of very good friends in the Albany, New York, area over the past year. These buddies have graciously invited us to be a part of their annual pilgrimage to Provincetown, Massachusetts, for Bear Week in July. Not that either of us really identify ourselves with the Bear community, but we're more than open minded enough to know that we're in for a fun-filled week with our friends and about a million other bears. I guess it's quite the affair! So, we're gearing up for that. Neither of us have ever been to P-Town -- so we'll be able to cross that off of our to-do list. Sean, Jeffrey, Don, George, Dan, Roger, Paul, Mike....I hope you're ready for us!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday Drivel

Where in the hell has this week gone? I don't think I've ever gone an entire week without posting. I've been working quite a bit. And yesterday was gone with hubby and pooch to one of our two nude beaches for the entire afternoon. And today we had a BBQ with Melanie, Seth, and MIL. It's an amazing weekend.....with weather fit for a king. My buddy Sean has his 21st birthday yesterday.....a man whom I count my blessings for having known. I was supposed to be in Boise visiting my mom this week -- I haven't seen her since last October and there's just no excuse for that. But I couldn't get rid of enough of my trips to be able to make the trip worth it. So, we'll try it again in a few weeks. And, of course, today is Undie Monday over at Idle Eyes and a Dormy....don't miss it! I've been doing a bit of research on a possible new I-phone speculated to be coming out in June or so. I don't have one now....but it seems that everybody around me does. And my phone contract is up so I'm at least considering it. But I'll wait until a possible announcement on June 8 about a new I-phone before I make a decision.

Enough of all of that drivel -- Lots of good wishes for a nice week for everyone.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Whew. We're home. What a great week on the high seas. You'll see the pics here and I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. There's something about the connection to the water, the sea, the ocean. We loved every minute of it. And we had the chance to meet 20 or so amazing new friends -- we had drinks with them each evening before dinner. In fact, two of them live in Vancouver, BC, and took us to beer last evening at one of of their favorite haunts. What a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy such a relaxing week.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lifeboat Drill

On Our Deck in San Diego

Ready to Set Sail

Gone Cruisin'

Guess who is off on a week's vacation? You guess it, us! We're leaving today and will be gone for a week. By ourselves. No one else that we know with us. No mobile telephones. No friends. No family. No blog reading, no commenting, no emailing, no nothing....not even taking the laptop. We start in San Diego aboard Holland America Line's Westerdam. This is our second cruise aboard the Westerdam and our third cruise on HAL. We'll make a day stop at Avalon on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles and then continue nonstop to Vancouver, British Columbia, where we'll spend a couple of days in one of our favorite cities. See you when we return.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Well, most of them are briefs....or boxer briefs. It's Monday again and I'm swamped getting ready for the cruise TOMORROW...so I'll keep this brief. Which briefs to take? None?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gearing Up for the Cruise

You'll find my lovely husband's account of our upcoming Cruise here.... I swear, he totally misunderstood me when I told him I liked cruising. He seems to think I meant spending lots of money on expensive vacations with a ship at sea -- when, in actuality, I meant none of that. I was thinking park, trees, bushes, flashing of car lights...that sort of thing. Nonetheless, I'm keeping a close eye on his bag....to ensure that he isn't trying to drag along a 50# bag of concrete to hook to my left ankle just before he hoists my fat ass up and over the ship railing for quick access to my life insurance-- like Stewie did to Lois on Family Guy. We'll be out of commission for a week which I can't wait for.

Today I finished work with a Phoenix turn (speaking of work, have I mentioned that a lady told her children to "Step out of the woman's way" as I tried to pass them in the center aisle a few weeks ago -- I'm buying a bra...and that's all there is to it.) We've been tossing things in our suitcases and gearing up for pasta leftovers from last night -- grilled chicken, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, kalamata olives, Parmesan cheese sprinkled liberally on the top. Mason will be staying with his aunt Melanie who loves him to death and takes amazing care of him. He loves her so much.....

Enough of all of this....I hope you all had a great weekend. Stop in again, would you please? Let me raise a glass to each of us....for happy days -- in each of our homes and lives.