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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anderson Cooper Wants My Phone Number

So, there we were. Candy Crowley and myself. Driving down some city street. Just chatting the night away. It was after dark at the end of the day. I was just blathering away like I'd known her for years. "Candy, I swear, do you get any days off? I mean, it seems like you're always on air," I said to her. She said that these are some of the longest days she's ever encountered in her many years on television. I went on to tell her that my honey and I often watch and that sometimes she looks like she's been pulled through a rat hole backwards. She looks absolutely exhausted. She makes it clear that's because she IS tired....100% worn out. The obvious has been stated.

We continue driving and end up at Anderson Cooper's place. Just a casual style loft with people milling about. Fixing drinks, chatting, and having snacks. Candy and I enter, no one pays any attention. I'm over fixing a drink for myself when AC360 himself comes up behind me catching me totally off guard. "Hey, how's it going?," he asks. And just then, his right hand comes up alongside my face and he drags one of his journalistic fingers gently, sexually, across my right cheek. "Don't forget to leave your phone number," he whispers into my ear.

And then we kept right on talking like we'd known each other for years. Oh, I have no recollection of writing down my number for him.

(All of this happened in my head, just before I woke up and climbed out of bed early this morning...I should dream more often.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Final Home Run

Today's the day. In 1938, it was on this day that Lou Gehrig made the very last home run of his life. Seventy years ago today. I suppose this man holds special significance to me because of my own father's struggle with Lou Gehrig's Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS.....or in Europe it is known as Motor Neuron Disease). The story is also about the demise of Yankee Stadium -- this piece of history will be demolished this winter.

If you've been reading my site for a bit, you know full well about my love and devotion to my own father who lost his life to ALS in March 1994. There are many posts about him.....probably the best known are PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3. Well, and then there was the bank incident.

This last few weeks has put us face to face with the struggle of my father in law and what could be his last days on this earth. Being the cry baby that I am, I got tears in my eyes just yesterday when I went in his room and kissed his forehead. He looked up at me. We share many common thought patterns and we're both realists. We just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. So, these stories -- the combination of the loss of Yankee Stadium, the Lou Gehrig aspect, and my father in law -- mean a lot to me. History shutting down, closing, the end of things as we know them. And the sun will continue to set on parts of our lives. The darkness will fall and things will be quiet. But tomorrow, when the sun rises again, I want new bodies without pain and struggle. And I want a new baseball stadium too.

She's Resting Peacefully

I ran across the story of this perverted Christian man in Arkansas. The story is about him abusing young girls. But the subtext is in paragraph 2...take a look where he kept his wife's body on display for six months claiming that she was going to be resurrected. Just like Jesus.

It reminds me of years ago in my very own nutty family when my grandmother's sister was not well. My grandmother would go over to see her sister and husband every few days. They lived in the countryside near Ontario, Oregon (that could explain part of what I'm going to tell you...sorry Chris!). One day, grandma went to their door and knocked. He let my grandmother in and she asked how her sister was doing. "Oh, she's resting peacefully," he said. "I'll just go and say hi to her," my grandmother said. "Now, Evelyn, I don't want you to be surprised," he said. "She's just resting peacefully....," he said to grandma. Grandma made her way down the hallway and into the bedroom where she found her sister dead and still in the bed. "She's dead!," grandma exclaimed. "Yes, she is....but she'll be back, god will bring her back," her husband believed.

It's now 2008. In the craziest of times. But in spite of how crazy we think things are today, they've always been that way in some sort of screwed up way. Oh, and by the way, she still hasn't come back to life yet. But I do think they eventually called the funeral home to come and get her. Or at least I hope they did. Eeew.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Drill, Baby! Drill!

Guess what we did yesterday? Only we did it in English. And here Sarah Palin thought she held the cards on drilling. Yeah, whatever.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Fine Art of Being Thankful

I miss it. A lot. The simple, genuine spoken words "Thank You." With a direct look in the eye and maybe a handshake. And the old fashioned, hand-written Thank You card? It's long gone. Along with a myriad of other hardcore pleasantries. Replaced by mobile devices, text messaging, emails, and selfish attitudes. I sometimes miss receiving a hand-stamped note in the mail after an evening out or a courtesy paid to another. We have a wonderful friend who never escapes the opportunity to send along his gratitude for a meal or bottle of wine. And we reciprocate, gladly. Because that's the simplicity of politeness in our human interactions -- saying "please" and "thank you" every time, all the time. It doesn't get any more simple than that.

I'm often caught off guard by my observation of other's behaviors...and, yes, I do watch, listen, and observe frequently. At work or play, ours is not a generation given easily to being thankful. And if we are, we are not good at expressing it. We often chalk it up to "Well, it's their job" or "I deserved it" or "They owed it to me." I'm here to tell you that's a bunch of crap. I don't believe in that sort of you-know-what at all.

There are those handed gift after gift and never a thank you note is sent. Or even a thank-you crosses their lips. Some plain old forget, I suppose, although I don't know how. Others think they are owed. So, how about you? Do you always make a point to be polite? Even when "it's their job"? Do you send thank you notes for a dinner provided for you at someone else's expense? How about the shirts and ties that arrive at your birthday or holidays? Or even bigger-ticket items like DVD players, cameras, or trips. Are you grateful? It's really about developing the spirit of gratefulness, isn't it? I mean, you've either got it or you don't. And what if it's in your own family, or even your partner? Is it satisfactory to not be thankful and to not tell them simply because they are your family? Um, I don't think so.

I won't profess to have a corner on the politeness market. In fact, I'm afraid that I've stumbled more than once. But I do try my best to have thankfulness and gratefulness at the forefront of my lips. Right after sassiness.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DRIVING MISS DAISY -- a.k.a. Do I Look Like Morgan Freeman??

Hey! Got your attention, I hope. Because I've got a serious question for you: Do I look (even remotely) like Morgan Freeman? Come on now, be honest. Because that's what I feel like sometimes. And, as long as I'm asking pertinent, probing questions, does my honey bear any resemblance to Jessica Tandy? Because that's what he probably feels like sometimes too. Oh, I know most of you've seen it...you can't deny it....the movie, that is...Driving Miss Daisy. I'm whistlin' that catchy little diddy of a tune in my head even as I'm writing. You see, our relationship has gone through numerous ups and downs, pretty times and pretty damned ugly times. And plenty of plain old odd/strange/freakish stages. And one of those is this: I am the chauffeur in our family which is why I feel like I'm channeling Morgan Freeman many days. I know you probably won't believe this, but in our nearly 11 years together, I've never been a passenger in a car driven by my (sweet, loving, devoted, caring, kind, happy) husband. And there are times here and there that give off the distinct illusion that I'm driving around in a Hudson or Cadillac just like Hoke did in the movie. (Only there's a little caveat in our 2008 relationship.....I insist that my honey lets me stop to make water).

Back to my Honey: He gave up his driver's license many years ago while living in the Castro and Mission Districts of San Francisco. He didn't need the car. And from there he migrated to downtown Seattle and eventually to downtown Portland. If you've been to Portland, you know full well that a car is not necessary living here...we've got, arguably, one of the best transit systems in the nation. So, no car or license for hubby. Wild and wacky, I know. And he does too. It's odd to watch the faces when people find out that he doesn't have one. "Oh," they say. "Really?" No, like I'm making this crap up just for your enjoyment. It's for real. And, like I tell him, why in the world would you get a license now? You've got an Academy Award-winning actor, film director and narrator driving you around. I wouldn't get one either!

But there are times in our lives when I feel like that's what I've been relegated to....driving. Like that's a good chunk of why I'm put on this earth and all I'm good for. And, don't get me wrong, I like to drive. In fact, I'm in love with cars. And the few times I've actually taken him out in the middle of nowhere and demanded that he drive me around a vacant parking lot has made it clear that it is very possible that maybe I don't want him driving. He swears that he'll "jump the curb and wrap the car around a telephone pole." I tell him that's what the brake pedal is for -- to avoid that sort of ill-gotten situation. And I'd do anything for him. He knows that, I know that. We have numerous buses next to our home and he does a great job of going wherever he wants to. But sometimes, even just once, I'd like to be in the passenger seat. In fact, unless someone else is driving our car for us, I will never experience the passenger seat or the back seat.

And so, the Morgan Freeman-Jessica Tandy duo continues. Only hubby's not Jewish and I'm not African-American. But we do play one on TV.

How To Stay Miserable

Although my honey ran across this waaayyy back at the beginning of this year, I just found it again and am continually reminded of its virtues and importance in my life. I think it's a lesson that keeps on giving.

How To Stay Miserable

**Complain about the unfairness of it all. (This should not have happened. How can anyone do such a thing?")
**Organize your life around the event, trauma, or injustice. Make it a central theme in your life. Talk about nothing else. Bore your friends.
**Remain bitter and unforgiving.
**Become a victim. Give up power to take responsibility and control over your own life.
**Play the scene over and over in your mind. Keep thinking what you should have done or what you should have said.

How To Move On

**Talk about it. Don't believe that if you keep it inside it wont bother you.
**Forgive those involved. Forgiving does not condone what someone else did, it simply releases us from the pain of their actions.
**Make a place for the event in your life and then put it in its place. It's important to remember that it did happen and it did affect you. At the same time, its place is in the past, much like a chapter in a book you have read and choose not to read again.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Snippets and Such

I've got pieces of a thousand things in my head today. Since I'm not sure what to share, you'll just have to take me being a thief from my friend over at Sticky Crows...I'm sure he won't mind my hijacking his Sunday Snippet title just this once:

The father in law is actually doing a bit better. Still in ICU, still on tons of medications, but his breathing is better and his speaking has improved. I'm amazed at the power of our bodies to reheal, rejuvenate. I mean, three days ago this guy was on death's door. Funny, odd, and beautiful.

I'm still amazed at the power of a good chunk of our nation to be persuaded by this Sarah Palin deal. Comes out of nowhere at a time when the GOP needed a serious injection of speed and has single-handedly thrown our nation's folks for a loop. We are such a "Britiney Society." It's all about the hype, isn't it? Personally, I'm digging some depth, some future, a little vision, and trying to sense the long-term, not the short. Some of our good country is so single-minded, so simple-minded. There is nothing deep or complicated about her. She's simple, she's out of her league, out of her mind. And so are we if we vote for the Wal Mart Mom of America.

I'm more jacked than ever to be getting ready to meet a new friend or two or three. My trip to see Sean at Idle Eyes and a Dormy is drawing closer. Anybody in the NY/VT/MA area want to join us for a little frivolity over Columbus Day weekend? The guy and his hubby have graciously allowed me to visit -- sight unseen! Man, they are brave. (Don't tell them but I'm probably just as excited to see their pooch Clyde as I am to see them....). Sean has become a great friend and I have no doubt that we're going to hit it off quite nicely. Giddiness and nervousness ensues.....

My honey and I are off to our annual "Recurrent Training" this week in Seattle. Once a year we're required to take a written test, do CPR, operate every piece of emergency and medical equipment on the airplane, and -- the scariest and most nerve-wracking part -- is to do a drill evacuation of an airplane while shouting commands. It's always better when it's over which I know my friends at London Life and Turnip Style.Com will totally understand. And speaking of airplanes, my buddy David at Someone In a Tree shared this NY Times Story with me a while back. It's a great opportunity for you to check out my horribly glamorous job. Don't miss the video that's in the story, either.

Today is the last day of Summer. Enjoy it, somehow and some way. I'm one of those who are quite happy for the autumn season in spite of the fact that the beach weather is behind us now. My good greetings to you all for Super Fantastic Great Cool Delicious Sunday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vanity of Vanities

I am not easily embarrassed. And I'm not really now, either. But I have been a bit of a sucker, something I'm not typically given in to (banish all perverted thoughts from your minds, please). Something came over me a while back and I'm not sure what. Here's the deal: In the past, I used Dr. George's Dental White. I admit it. It's all out in the open now. I'm vain, apparently. But Dr. George's has been ousted at retail drug stores because of the big guys like Colgate, Crest and the others. So, I migrated to the Listerine Whitening Pre-Rinse. It works okay. And my current toothpaste of choice is Colgate Sparkling White Mint Zing. So, here's what came over me a while back: Advertising! That's what! I saw some online ad for Celebrity*Sexy*Teeth Ultra Whitening Smile Enhancer. Oh no, it wasn't a trial offer -- or even a special offer. I didn't have a coupon or a two-for-one offer. I actually spit out $50 for this teeny tiny little bit of liquid. And what has it done for me? Jack squat. Nada. Nothing. So, save yourself the trouble. Stick with what you know and love...the one that really turns you on. The cheap stuff. Let's just say that I won't be doing any infomercials for Celebrity*Sexy*Teeth Ultra Whitening Smile Enhancer anytime soon. Plus, now you all know how vain I really am. Ugh. Another crack in my persona. I think I'm up to 18 million + one cracks now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today -- Not One of Life's Pretty Ones

You know, some days bring things into our lines of sight that we just didn't see coming. Other times, we have good hunches on what is headed our direction. We landed from SJC this morning at 10am and had a phone message from hubby's mother. His dad had been taken from the rehabilitation facility back to the VA Medical Center -- severe breathing difficulties and didn't look good. You'll recall that this all started a week ago Sunday. And just yesterday, I posted about one of our visits to see him and the frailty of emotions it left me with. We have just returned from an afternoon in the Emergency Room at the VA Hospital. There are a number of issues going on and they are having a little trouble sorting it out. He is currently not able to speak -- almost like he's had a stroke. And his hands have long not been able to write because of his Post Polio Syndrome. So, he's essentially unable to communicate except for nodding his head. His white blood count is quite high. And he is unable to exhale carbon dioxide from his lungs on his own. It's building up in his system. And that, my friends, is not good. Right now (even as I type this the hospital is callin and wanting to know "what we want to do") the family is in the middle of making horrible decisions -- should a respirator be used? So, that's it for now. I know many of you have been emailing and wondering -- and for that we are both thankful for your friendship, love, and caring spirits. That's why I blog. For the relationships. I promise to be there for you, too, in your moments of need.

Hot Head McCain -- No Thanks

I tell you people, I think that having a hot-headed president is one of the very last things this nation -- this globe! -- needs right now. Look where it has us now. And while I'm not a big fan of weak smear tactics, McCain has a well established history of blowing up. In spite of his other worn-out, old school, and tired lackluster achievements, John McCain's inability to perform well under pressure or while being criticized or asked probing personal questions stands out near the top of the list. Our globe is in enough volatile flux right now that adding one more splash of gasoline to the hot fire seems quite silly. And as much as I admire anyone who serves in the military, I love this guy's quite spot-on admission that "The prisoner of war experience is not a good prerequisite for a president of the United States." Amen and Hallelujah. I'm wondering how much more clear it needs to be. Maybe a Hotheads Anonymous meeting is in order.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fraility of the Human Condition

Exactly what is it about placing ice-cold cloths on the withering foreheads of the aging that remind me of my frailty. Or, the frailty of life, I mean. We stood in the room with my father-in-law a couple of days ago, the room hot with the afternoon sun. A fan blew lukewarm air around the room. A bucket of ice water held the cloths that I kept on changing on his forehead. I kept on glancing at the man in the next bed, asleep, in a diaper, and missing part of one of his legs. He's going nowhere. I helped him dial a phone number one day. He just couldn't get it done. The lips try to move, but they are etched deeply with the creases of skin whose day is done. And the eyes. Oh, the eyes. You know, they tell all. Look deeply and you'll see a person whose life is nearing completion. The strength is simply gone. I cry easily in these kinds of situations. I reach out and touch him and tell him I'll see him again soon. And as he tells me he appreciates me and loves me, it happens again. Because I know he's telling the truth. I turn my head to go and, again, glance at the man with the diaper and no leg.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Politics

UPDATE: It appears that the SNL video below (the first one) is no longer on YouTube.....my apologies. You may be able to see it HERE.

Seems that all of the sexy people (BrettCajun, Dan Nation, Temporary Trouble Spots) are posting this Saturday Night Live video today......so I may as well too. I don't often post videos, but this is a hoot....a bit of levity in the midst of a not-so-pretty week. Enjoy..it's hilarious. And when you're finished giggling, check out the horribly disconcerting one of Grandaddy McCain down below. Talk about a dose of reality. It'll make you want to retch.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guess Where We're Going Today ??

Come on, just take one guess. You know I've talked about this a time or two or three or four. We've been painfully remiss in not going this summer, unfortunately, and are trying to take advantage of our fantastic late summer weather. Anybody else want to go??

Friday, September 12, 2008

How Green I Am!

Oh yeah, I'm green. Quite green. It's my favorite color, by the way. And I do remember Green Eggs and Ham, after all. Does that count? I was talking with a coworker a while back and we compiled the beginnings of a whole new way of thinking green. Definitely not typical nor standard by any stretch of thinking. But, hey, we're supposed to be thinking outside the four walls....right? So, join me in adding to this list:

1. No kids....think of everything I'm saving from gas to food to electricity to brain cells to bail money.

2. Skip using cups.....go for the HANDS...that's what they're there for.

3. Nix the deodorant...it's bad for you anyway....and who cares if you stink. We all think you do anyway!

4. Screw the toothpaste -- Think of all of those toothpaste containers in the landfills.

5. Who needs clothes? Way too much energy put into manufacturing them, washing and ironing them. And naked is so much better anyway.

6. T.P. -- This is pretty edgy, but maybe just hit the shower reeeaaallly quickly after your morning visit to the throne.....no T.P. necessary that way.

7. Shower with a friend -- Anybody else remember those coffee mugs and t-shirts years ago that said "Conserve Water, Shower with a Friend"? A super great idea!

8. No condoms. They can't be good for our sewer systems or landfills. But, then again, that would lead us right back to #1, wouldn't it?

Anybody else with some hot new ideas? And, by the way, don't ever accuse me of not being innovative.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Strangeness That Is Our Lives

I think it was 12 and 34. Twelve in First Class and 34 in coach, if I'm not mistaken. A very light passenger load -- but school was back in session and the summer holiday traffic had, thankfully, ended. I was sipping on one of my very first cups ever of green tea, compliments of my co-worker Christine. The time was just before seven in the morning and we had just been handed our final paperwork and were prepared to close the main cabin door on our MD-80 flight to Phoenix. It was just to be a turn for us -- down to Phoenix and back to Portland, home by 1pm or so. On our way to gate C21 just a few minutes earlier, we had noticed the large flat-screen TV in the bar had CNN on. Some little airplane had flown itself into the World Trade Tower in New York. The other two flight attendants had gone ahead while I stayed behind to watch a bit more. Hum, weird. And then I continued to the gate. During boarding, our First Officer had his overhead radio playing: "There's another one," he announced to us. And, a short time later, "Something has hit the Pentagon." I remember thinking that there must be a computer or electrical failure and that the FAA's traffic control system must be directing aircraft in the wrong directions. Something was weird.

So, "Are you ready to close the door," the customer service agent asked? It was, after all, just another day at work. One of nearly 33,000 scheduled daily flights to take place in the US on any given day. Sporting the blue polyester uniform like I've done on hundreds of other similar days. Our captain stepped from his seat back out into our forward galley. "Hold on," he said. "I'm not sure we're going anywhere." We waited maybe ten or twenty minutes, all the while making the obligatory "Thank you for your patience and understanding" announcements. Ugh. I hate making those. And I overheard the announcement coming across the aircraft's speakers in the flight deck: "All aircraft in the entire US have been grounded, no flights will be departing. All passengers and crew members must leave the aircraft immediately. The aircraft doors should be closed and secured and the jetways pulled away from all aircraft."

You know, there's just something about wearing a uniform. Any uniform. It seems to sort of create a camaradery. A group or cohesiveness. You sort of understand one another a little better and know what each other may very well be thinking or feeling. You know the routine, the drill. In good times, the stories of weird situations and people are the life of the party. And in difficult times, the stress can be high and the memories cut deep. And the stress of this present day was about to slice as deep as anything in my life. And I didn't even know it quite yet.

We made the announcement to the passengers and they began dragging their bags back out of the overhead bins, complaining, grumbling, per the usual. I remember one irritated, ignorant fellow saying, "We're just going to Phoenix -- there's no way anybody would want to bomb this flight.....let's just go." We did as we were told and left the airplane. A mechanic was standing at the forward boarding door ready to close up the airplane and pull back the boarding jetway. Our lives had already been changed forever.

In our crew room, where all of the flight attendants check in before trips, there were maybe 50 of us gathered. Rumors were flowing, tensions running quite high. This was, after all, our lives. Something we participated in many days a week, numerous months out of the year. We knew it like the back of our hand. But we'd been violated in the grossest of ways. I remember standing near our supervisor's office door when she was on the conference call that would do what had never been done before: "We are closing down the entire airline. No flights would depart for at least the remainder of the day. All flights currently in the air would terminate at their destinations or be diverted immediately to an alternate airport." All flight attendants were to go home and check later with Crew Scheduling. The reality of it for me was that I was to stay home for the next two weeks without working. The flights I'd been scheduled to work were cancelled from the schedule. I remember my first flight back. The nervousness, the strangeness. Everyone was suspect, I stared at everyone. Wondering. No more coming toward the front of the airplane without a sinking feeling in my stomach. Even today, that crosses my mind daily.

The skies were painfully quiet for the next four days. Not a sound. And when you live and work around such noise on a daily basis, you count on it. You know it. You live and breathe it daily. I remember watching a large group of swallows or swifts or some other such birds swirl overhead in the clear fall sky during those four quiet days. It was eerie. They had the sky all to themselves.

It's no wonder that when I happened upon United 93 on TBS last night that I kept saying to my honey, "We don't have to watch this if you don't want to." Man oh man, my tears were (again) a stark reminder of why I love my job and why it's one of the most dissonant places to work in the whole wide world.

Now, go back to that little tiny picture at the top of this post. Take a good look right now at that airplane on the left-hand side of it. Yeah, the one that is a split-second away from striking a skyscraper. It's just about to be the moment that changed all of our lives forever. I can see myself in there just like the actual flight crew members that are inside of that metal tube with passengers all in states of mind that I could never dream of. With uniforms on. Habit. Normal. Everyday life. With people in seats headed nowhere. Our lives continue to evolve.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Me and Sarah Palin

Today's silly conversation stems from who knows where. Try to follow along, would you, my little chickadees:

ME: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Repeated over and over, many times per day.)

HIM: So have you met the governor?

ME: I've met a couple of (now former) governors.

HIM: Really!!??

ME: I've met Tony Knowles and John Kitzhaber. (Knowles is Palin's predecessor.)

HIM: No, I mean THE Governor ..... Sarah Palin??

ME: Oh, her. No. (I was being horribly kind, wasn't I??).

I'd rather have met her handsome son who ships off to war tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Minnie Pearl Would Be Jealous

Awake All Night With Bill O'Reilly

Ugh. I was up off and on all night long. And when you have to get up at 03:45am, it's not pretty. Especially at my age and with these wrinkles. Blech. Ick. And Yuck. I think it was due, in part, to the nice nap I had yesterday afternoon. Well, that, along with the fact that I watched The O'Reilly Factor with my friend and yours, Bill O'Reilly. He's showing his interview with Barack Obama....part two is on tonight (Tuesday), part three tomorrow (Wednesday). Now, that will definitely keep anyone awake at night.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Friends and Family....Oh, And a T-Shirt Too

Last night found us out under a fantastic summer night sky with this blogger from Orlando. He and his partner have spent the last week in our beautiful Pacific Northwest and we enjoyed their last evening here with them at Pastini. Thanks, you guys, for making our night....we loved the good food, conversation, and fun. Here's what I had: ORECCHIETE TOSCANA: Small, ear-shaped pasta with arugula, cannellini beans, broccolini, balsamic onions, breadcrumbs, chili flakes, garlic and parmesan. Delicious!!

And then Sunday arrived: May I just say, for the record, that one just never quite knows exactly what is going to happen in any given day -- agreed?? The day started out amazingly beautiful with clear late summer blue skies, breakfast outdoors with strong coffee and good friends, and a trip to Target. Oh, and a t-shirt that I purchased last year when we were on our Hawaii cruise. Oh yeah, the stares ensued at every stop we made. I think people were on a mad scramble to get on my right-hand side instead of the left side. Chickens.

With four skinny vanilla lattes in hand, we headed out to hubby's parent's home. And the phone call came: "I'm not breathing too well and need help." Hubby's father has Post-Polio Syndrome and is not doing overly well. He's 83, losing weight, not eating, has essentially minimal muscles left, and can't use his legs....he uses a wheelchair. All of that to say that we high-tailed it to the senior apartment building where they lived, called the ambulance, and they transported him to the VA Hospital. They'll be keeping him overnight, think they've discovered pneumonia, and are doing blood work as well. He's stable and safe. Tomorrow he may come home. We'll see.

But I had to do a superman change in the bathroom when someone that I know and love dearly simply couldn't see me dealing with firemen and paramedics (lesbians, may I add) and trotting around the emergency room at the military-strong VA hospital in my rather progressive t-shirt. So, the day ended on this note and with this face and inside-out t-shirt:

Oh, and when I was at the VA I found a delightful little brochure "just in case":

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Spirit Meets Idol Eyes

Like a horrible bout with flatulence, I've held it in long enough. Time's up. And since my cover has already been blown by the offending blogger, I may as well confess to it as well. For the first time in our nearly eleven years together, I am going on a vacation by myself. It's a little weird. I mean, we spend most of our entire lives together -- some work, home, vacations, etc. So, I'll spend a week making his dinners before I leave, making sure the laundry is done, and that all of his lunches are packed so that he'll be all taken care of. And the destination? Oh, the trenches of society are just dying to know -- so, without further addo, I give you to the man (and his hubby) with whom I'll be spending Columbus Day weekend. He's said it quite well, complete with the most flattering of photos. And we're hoping to hook up with this handsome man for a little dinner too! They are both amazing artists and I'm looking forward to seeing their work. I've blogged and emailed with both of them for a very long time and I'm more than excited to be finally meeting them in person.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Glory That Is Portland

We've been out and about every single afternoon for the last three days. It's been fantastic weather and we've taken full advantage. On Wednesday afternoon, we took Mason the Pooch to Kelly Point Park. It's at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in Portland. I can't tell you how beautiful it is to have such amazing scenery, literally, in our backyard.

Thursday carried us a little further to one of our very favorite places in the area...Larch Mountain. It's about 45 minutes east of Portland, up above the Columbia River National Scenic Area and Multnomah Falls at the 4,500 foot level. From there you can see Mts. St. Helens, Rainier, Adams, Hood, and Jefferson. Here's a hiking link and here's a photo link. Check out my pics.

And today, another late summer day took us out to Collins Beach on Sauvie Island. It's one of our two clothing-optional beaches (did you know that Oregon had the very first clothing-optional beach in the US??). It's on the Columbia River northeast of Portland and is the perfect place to watch all of the giant ocean-going vessels as they go to and from the Port of Portland carrying new cars from Asia and taking Oregon/Idaho/Washington wheat back to Asia.

So, that's it....we're sunburned, tired, and happy. And you just can't beat that.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Food of the Gods

Yesterday as we drove down the road, we passed a Newport Bay Restaurant, a chain seafood joint up here in the Pacific Northwest. Simply casually, as my comments usually are, I said, "We should swing in there for a crab cocktail." And the laughing started. You see, it's funny, because I'd never have a crab cocktail. Ever. I'm a hard person to read. I say things in laughing ways that I'm serious about. And I joke about serious issues. I'll see a boob or titty bar and say, "Hey, we should stop and belly up to the bar and see if we can get some titty." So, back to the seafood deal....hubby said, "That'd be the last thing on your list of things to eat." And I wholeheartedly agree. Plus, and this is very very cool -- I'm going to make a trip soon to meet a couple of bloggers that I've never met before way on the other side of the country -- and one of them asked me if he should have anything special in the house for my visit.....so that got me to thinking about what I like and dislike. You'll remember that I already don't feel like an American. But the list continues:

I'm In Love With: Lasagna, cheese enchiladas, tacos, chips and salsa, giant salads filled with major veggies, avocados, peppers, onions, garlic, pizza, all veggies and fruits, nonfat vanilla lattes, beans, lentils, barley, most soups, scones/biscuits, warm bread with butter, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, some Thai dishes, fresh homegrown tomatos, basil, olive oil, potato chips, Snickers/Nutrageous/Reese's candy bars, dark chocolate, homemade fresh peach pie.

I Can't Stand: Steak or red meat, any fish, crab cocktails!, no meat at all really turns my crank, mayonnaise, lamb, relish, ketchup, mustard, things that are overly vinegary, eggs without something else in them like peppers/onions/cheese, trout, dark beer, clam chowder, many Asian foods but I do make a few exceptions, plain old Hershey's milk chocolate candy bar, sauerkraut, and even tofu I have a little trouble with.

So, there you have it. A little innocent comment about a crab cocktail induced this entire post. I just knew that all of you, with your inquiring minds, would want to know. And, oh, those blogger friends that I'm going to visit will be an entire post soon....because they deserve a whole post dedicated to them.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rubbing Noses With the Upper Echelon

Guess who we've been rubbing noses with? We're hoping for a place in the next administration. Maybe Secretary of Urban Naughtiness and Tawdry Dealings or something nondescript like that. And we're looking for staff members. Interviews will commence soon.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Traditional Family Values Get Knocked Up Too

UPDATE: Anybody happen to see the Palin's name on this Baby Nursery Calendar from the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center calendar on April 18? Interesting, isn't it.

Well, well, well....what have we here? Another good Christian family's daughter gets knocked up and the family decides to keep it all hush-hush until the issue is forced by the blogosphere.....Yeah Blogosphere! That damned Sarah and Todd Palin must feel just great. And so must their daughter Bristol. How would it feel to have parents who are ashamed enough of her five-month pregnancy to not say a word about it until they just had to. Now that's teaching your kids how to behave properly, isn't it? Don't tell me that you had intentions of telling us about it. That's a bunch of BS and I don't pander to it. And how dare you stand in the corner of the boxing rink, point fingers at me because I'm gay, and say how bad of a person I am when it's your own daughter who has been sleeping around under the blankets of the church..... It's another shame, shame, shame moment for those who tote traditional family values. Chalk it up to the continued hypocrisy of many who claim to follow Jesus. Oh, you just watch, they'll rally at her side, tell of her greatness, and ask for fellow believers to join them in their happy smiles as they announce the very soon marriage of their daughter. Those poor kids didn't stand a chance. You know that they were ordered to get married....and pronto! Now, there's another heterosexual marriage that's going to last. Why, they'll be in People Magazine before you know it. I remember growing up that those types of girls were sent away to homes like we had in Boise....."for girls who got into trouble." Now, thankfully, we've migrated past that sort of thing into simply covering it up, lying, delaying the truth as long as possible. Ugh. I'm nauseated. Again.