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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Holidays....Time for Random Acts of Kindness

It's official! The holiday (whatever holiday you want include is fine with me....Arbor Day, Secretary Week, Clean the Bathtub Week, whatever) season has officially started. We don't exchange presents with our families--but for some reason we were out of bed at 05:30 yesterday and off to Best Buy, bought gas, went to Target, had breakfast (potato pancakes), Barnes and Noble (December issues of Out and The Advocate), and JC Penney's.....is there something wrong with this picture? We actually find it kind of fun when there is no agenda or obligation. I think we're weirder than I thought we were.

I'm teaming up with my fellow blogger at Mr. Joe Blog's Blog. He's putting together a, hopefully, long list of those who have done random acts of kindness and are willing to share their story. He is trying to inspire all of us to be better people and to keep those less fortunate than ourselves in mind. I'd like to encourage you to visit his site and either email him (it's in his profile) or attach a comment to his posting on the subject. Years ago, a friend told me that his family takes whatever money they were going to spend on gifts for others and buys a pile of warm blankets. Then, they load the whole family in the car and go looking for those on the streets, under the bridges, or wrapped up in cardboard sleeping and give them a blanket. If your family has ever had someone you know personally in one of these terrible situations, you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. An amazing opportunity! I hope you'll visit Mr. Joe Blog's Blog and send him a story to post. It can be helping somebody in need, giving of your time, help or advice. It can even be anonymous. He's really hoping to kind of propel a Pay It Forward type of wave. Let's have fun with this thing and see if our world can be just a little bit better of a place to live.


Shaney said...

OK I will check it out...Most Certainly!
P.s G'Day Cutie!! *winks*

Tony said...

I will be so glad when school is over and I am back working. So much of my life has changed including the way I look at and handle the holidays. I use to always find a couple of children or families to donate Christmas presents to , etc. but that 'spirit' has gone over the past three years or so of school. I do need to find a way to get back into it. And I realize the acts can be as simple as a hello to someone I might rarely if ever say hello to. Thanks for posting this.

Michael said...

What a brilliant idea! (and I love that movie heh) I'll definitely have to go and check this out.

And oh my god! 5:30??? That's what time I get up for work for crikey sake! (now if I just had more money for shoppin heh)

Ryan said...

ill have 2 check it out it does sound like a good idea!

Shaney said...

P.s...Love the accent!!
So cool to 'hear your voice' from so far away!...*winks*

Lewis said...

You're kidding.....I have an accent? I don't think anyone has ever said that to me.......thanks. Yea, the voice thing on blogs is slick....gonna try video soon, I think.

Sorted Lives said...

Hey Lewis -- I have a wonderful story I will share with you in an email that happened to my neighbor. I think it shows a true love of raising 3 wonderful children. I will get it to you later this week