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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In the State of "No"

I am so stinking proud of a ton of things that happened yesterday...the list is long and wonderful and warm and so very cool. Feels like a breath of fresh air--like hope has finally come back--just like rain on the desert--like we've won the lottery! Seems that much of our nation finally caught up with what many of us knew several years back...that we were on the wrong, screwed up, track. One of my most favorite moments of yesterday's elections was the "NO" vote in the state of Arizona on their proposition to define marriage as one man and one woman. Arizona is the only state so far to achieve this monumental position. Go, AZ! Just like the Fox News Network, you guys in the Grand Canyon state are "Fair and Balanced." (I'm kidding......) I hope that the rest of our nation is able to catch the wave that AZ has set...and, eventually, it begins to ripple from coast to coast. And the amazing irony of the whole deal is that I get to spend tonight in Phoenix. What a great place to bask in the glory! I am so glad, so proud, so appreciative......of the voters, of being able to stay in this great state tonight, of so many blessings like this huge one. Makes me sad about my homestate of Idaho though. They are not so nearly fair and balanced. Is it so wrong to hate something about your home state? My mom would never let us use the word "hate".....it was "strongly dislike" which is what I'm thinking about ID right now.


Michael said...

Chris and I haven't lived here very long and I can't say that we're completely settled living closer to the West coast than the East coast. But yesterday's election sure made it feel a bit more like home.

Lewis said...

Hey M, thanks a lot for stopping by. Yup, a definite victory...maybe several of them, actually. I'm going to be following your site.

Ryan said...

awesome post we need more states 2 take a stand and maybe now they will!

Trailhead said...

There are encouraging signs in Idaho. They stretched farther than anyone though they were capable of stretching on Tuesday. Republican Bill Sali defeated Democrat Larry Grant by only five points in Idaho's First Congressional District. By all rights, that should be a much bigger margin.

I personally like this news though. Even though Wisconsin's marriage discrimination amendment passed easily, right-wing Wisconsin congresscritter Sensenbrenner thinks it tipped the rest of the state for the Democrats by bringing out a lot of pissed off young liberals.

And this is good news because it shows the right-wingers that this tactic is dangerous. Hopefully, it will make them less eager to employ it in the future. Because I really do think that for the Republican power folks it's just a tactic -- a cynical, disgusting tactic like the Southern strategy -- designed to stir up hatred to benefit the Republicans.

And I am tickled beyond tears about Arizona!

(Sorry for writing a dissertation in your comments section.)

Lewis said...

You are so right about Idaho.. To think that 43% of their voters voted for the Democratic candidate for Governor is truly, seriously, amazing....and the First Congressional District too. And the 8 counties (I think) that typically vote Republican went for the Democrat for gov. Crazy stuff! Thanks for the dissertation...we need it!