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Monday, November 20, 2006

Crossing The Bridge to Civil Unions

There is a breath of fresh air floating around recently. Fueled by a decidedly blue electorate (I just keep thinking "Go Big Blue") there seems to be new agendas and ideas coming next year...as there should be. God knows we've been beaten down, hated, and listed as secondary citizens long enough. Take a look at this article from Gay Rights Watch, a local blog that keeps us up to date on the comings and goings around Portland and Oregon. It appears that civil union legislation may definitely be on the agenda next session here in Oregon. We've now got our former nasty old House speaker out of that position (Minnis in the article). She's a real pro at staying in cahoots with local religious right folks and screwed us over bad in the last house session (god, I almost sound like a victim, don't I???). Looks like she'll (hopefully) be paying for it in 2007. Let's call it a year of victory, refreshing, and renewal. Drinks all around!!

Don't miss out on this beautiful video. You'd better grab a hankie. It definitely pulls at the heart strings but also is a good reminder for us to continue to cross the bridge in our lives. You know what I mean: press forward, look ahead, and keep on keeping on.

"Having put your hand to the plow, don't look back....." Enjoy, my friends, enjoy


Blair said...

'Every one of us has to face that day, do you cross the bridge or do you fade away? Every one of us that ever came to play, has to cross the bridge or fade away'.

I am so glad I crosssed the bridge nearly 10 years ago when I met my wonderful soul mate. I only hope that we can cross the bridge together next year here in Oregon with new civil unions legislation!

Tony said...

I oddly enough have yet to see that darn movie (Brokeback). Funny how so much has seemed to evolve since it came out. Perhaps it has shed a new light in some people's minds...who knows. I'd like to be the optimtist here! Have a great Turkey Day if I don't get the greeting out to you before then.

Ryan said...

the movie has open some eyes some good and some bad i still think we got a long way 2 go. come check out my post today and what happen at the race i was at.

Joshua said...

Wow, incredible video!

Derek said...

My dad was so upset when this movie came out, only because his name is Ennis, my middle name is Ennis. I've always loved the name, it was my grandpa's name too. I loved the movie, it was so sad though, but so true what oppression many have been through
Wonderful post!

Lewis said...

Gotta tell you all....I really didn't care for the movie the first time I saw it. It was OK but not great. The second time, smaller theater, less people, no kids, little more alone and private, was different. Just totally into some of those powerful scenes and emotions. Knowing EXACTLY where they were coming from. Still wearing the t-shirt from the "been there and done that" ceremony. And to have the name Ennis....wow. You know, I use the name Lewis....and that's my middle name and was my dad's name. It just means something to me.