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Monday, November 26, 2007

Macy's Holiday Parade

Last Friday (or should I say Black Friday) found us in downtown Portland at the Macy's Holiday Parade. We've never been there before in spite of spending ten years in Portland. It was a lot of new found fun to grab some hot coffees and muffins and stand in the midst of old and young children alike to officially welcome in the holiday season. This parade was formerly called the Meier and Frank Holiday Parade named after the department store that occupied this block since 1910 until Macy's bought the property a few years back. The building is very beautiful and a great addition to downtown Portland. Following the parade, we made a cold winter morning of it by visiting the newly renovated Macy's store, Williams Sonoma, Camera World, and Pioneer Place, also known as "Portland's Living Room." We finished up with lunch at the Macaroni Grill.


Doug said...

Wow, lots of people and a big parade! Very cool!

David said...

Clearly, you either have super powers or the shopping frenzy in Portland is only a fraction of that in NY/NJ. I wouldn't go near a building with a cash register in it on Black Friday for all the tea in China.

Christopher said...

Wish I had been there... heading back to Portland this Sunday evening for an interview Monday morning, then back to the airport to be whisked back east.

Anonymous said...

snore....you need to come to NY for the real thing!

Blair said...

I actually thought the NY parade was rather boring....too bad people cant sing live any longer...and where was the holiday music? I'll take a local parade with people giving it their all anytime!

Happy Holidays!