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Friday, November 09, 2007

ms Zaandam Ship Tour

A ship tour of Holland America Line's ms Zaandam on our recent 15-day Hawaii cruise rountrip from San Diego.


Wayne said...

What? We don't get to see your room?
The ship looks great!

Palm Springs Savant said...

your blog posts have been really fun lately!

Doug said...

I am always just amazed at what they have on cruise ships. Except I didn't see the clothing-optional sunbathing deck.

The ship seems almost deserted. Wassup with that?

Ur-spo said...

there was a holland line ship next to ours; it definitely gave off the air it was the better ship. your video confirms that the next cruise i take is holland line.

RAD Homo said...

Holland A Line is top notch-I guess Im not biased though as I was a sales rep for them...Older crowd but thats good for me--Im not into ships with young ones going all around. Luxury and class! Thats the ticket!

halpostcards said...

In reference to Dougs question about the deserted ship: The Holland America Line ships all have a fairly small passenger number compared to other ships of the same size with other cruise lines. This prevents the overcrowding that you see on Carnival for example and has been one of the staples of the Holland America Line "excellence in service". Main reason why I would not cruise any other line but HAL.