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Friday, December 28, 2007

Kwanzaa Day 4 "Cooperative Economics"

Ujamaa (OOH-jah mah) means cooperative economics and is the fourth day of Kwanzaa. On this day of Kwanzaa, we pledge to develop our own businesses and to support them, to maintain shops, stores and industry that contribute to the well-being of our community and to drive out businesses (boycott, etc.) that take from our communities and give nothing back.
In Other News:
It's a sad day here in Oregon. Oregon was all set to begin issuing domestic partnership certificates to same-sex couples on January 1. Hundreds of couples were planning on being in line early on the 2nd (1st is a holiday)....and we were all set to go down and volunteer to process the couples. In horrible, late breaking news tonight, a judge has granted a stay on issuing the certificates. It will be put off at least until February 1. You can read about it in Gay Rights Watch, Blog Out, or on the Basic Rights Oregon site. I'm tired, folks. Really exhausted. And not feeling very pretty. And my attitude stinks.


CJ said...

That does suck Lewis. You not feeling pretty sucks too. But I doubt you'll find observers that will agree. Your always pretty and easy on the eyes.

Ur-spo said...

that is frustrating and discouraging.
I have found it is best to take a wee break, sleep a bit, and then nevertheless 'keep at it'.
good luck.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I know it sucks. But you know what? The equal protection laws DO go into effect January 1, and that is something to celebrate.

I'm going to BRO's candlelight vigil on the 2nd at Q Center, and stand with those who do support me and my partnership. Have hope, Lewis. Have hope!

Nathan Garvison said...

Oh my god, that sucks so bad. The government can't bar our rights forever. You need rest, and I recently took up yoga. It is quite relaxing and refreshing. Also finding calming music which you can meditate with is useful. Even just listening to sounds of nature helps. I'm hear if you need an ear to vent into. Good luck with everything. I know God is with us as we celebrate Kwanzaa and bringing in the new year. Cheers and be in peace my friend.

Palm Springs Savant said...

oooo darn it. that is not good!!! In the meantime have a strong cup of coffee and celebrate the wonderful relationship you have.

ps- I like these kwanzaa posts!

Java said...

I saw this news in this morning's paper and was bummed. And I thought of you out there in Oregon, and figured you'd be really upset. Understandably so. Hopefully by the middle of next year these domestic partnership certificates will be flooding out the doors of court houses throughout Oregon. Blessings, my friend.

Laurie said...

At least there something is being
done for same sex couples. Here in
Texas they don't have anything. I
don't see why it's such a problem
to let people get married.

Take it easy and don't let the
narrow minded ignorance of others
get ya down.