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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Waiting at the Boise Airport

Going home from a long week


Dave2 said...

I've changed planes a couple times at Boise Airport (I have no idea why) and loved it... FREE Wi-Fi!!! w00t!

Will said...

Dear, sweet and loving Lewis--I held my breath while reading through the post on the sentencing. Seems it could have been much worse, for which I'm happy for you and your family.

Welcome home, I know it's been rough. Warm thoughts and hugs from Fritz and me in surprisingly warm new Hampshire today.

Nathan said...

What a cute couple!

CJ said...

I thought Boise looked like a rather progressive city when passing through going to a fiddle festival in Weiser. Ofcourse, compared to Weiser it is a metropolis.:)
Hey I like those glasses!

Wayne said...

such a cute couple!

Doug said...

You're still able to smile. Thanks a very good thing. *hugs*