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Friday, January 04, 2008

Letter Writing Campaign.....Civil Unions Legislation

I am asking you to mount a widespread letter writing, phone calling, FAXing and emailing campaign to all of the following contacts. I am asking you to pass all of this information along to all of your email contacts, blogging contacts, and family and friends. Please, reproduce this information, post it, blog it, email it...anything! Anyone who is concerned for fairness in our state is welcomed to participate. I ask you to be polite, professional, and abstain from profanity or rudeness. Please, start today! Time is of the essence. I realize that it will take a little bit of your time and effort to get this accomplished. The results may very well be unmeasurable. All of these people need to know that their actions are not welcomed and we do not believe in inequality in Oregon nor anywhere else.

Suggested Text:
Dear ____________:
I am writing/calling to let you know that I disagree with your position on civil unions legislation in the state of Oregon. I believe in basic human rights for all people. I am asking you to consider the adverse effect that your decision/organization may have on children and families in the state of Oregon. I believe in fairness for all people and am asking you to carefully consider your position on House Bill 2007. Thank you for your attention.

Concerned Oregonians
15685 SW 116th Avenue
PMB 299
King City, OR 97224

Chief Petitioner Janice Bentson
6495 Windsor Is. Rd North
Keizer, OR 97303

David Crowe
Executive Director
Restore America
P.O. Box 2225
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
503.639.2579 Fax

Oregon Family Council
PO Box 13367
Portland, Oregon 97213

Defense of Marriage Coalition
PO Box 30536
Portland, Oregon 97294
Office: 503-257-0444
Fax: 503-257-4834


Laurie said...

ya know what really sucks?
Prisoners-men and women who have
raped, murdered, robbed and beaten
people have more rights than the
gays and lesbians.
I'll help anyway I can.

Anonymous said...

people NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT....dont become complacent! We are not "second rate" OREGONIANS!
We will fight till hell freezes over....

Blair said...

As a friend said recently "if your email has volume, turn it up because I am yelling!"

I have written them all and more....time for a new keyboard.

Lets stand tall together in unity!

Nathan said...

I think it's fantastic that you emphasize being polite, because nobody ever really gets their point across my yelling.

I borrowed your text since it was already so perfectly written, and e-mail all addresses you listed. David's address is david@restoreamerica.org, so I included him too.

I also added a brief (but still friendly) reminder that America is supposed to mean equality for everyone, not just the ones that believe a certain way.

Palm Springs Savant said...

well done organizing this Lewis!

Doug said...

Awesome idea! I'm on it.

D-Man said...

Polite? Pshaw! I just sent them steaming piles of poo... just kidding...

wep601 said...

Thank you! I have blogged this and will email it to all my friends!