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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bits and Bobs for Friday

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Our holiday was fantastic. Seattle first. And Vancouver, BC, next. We met numerous new bloggers, whom I now affectionately call friends. We kept finding ourselves at just the right place at just the right time. New experiences, beautiful weather, met folks from all over the world, and stayed in some very nice places. Oh, and the obligatory shopping too. I can't think of a better way to spend my 21st birthday. All of your emails, ecards, comments, and phone calls meant the world to me....thank you!

We're home now and back with our little baby, Mason. He's quite a handful. He spent the week with our neighbors J&A. We half expected to find him tied to our front door when we returned. But they persevered. And now he's back with us. They spoiled him rotten and let him sleep with them in their bed each night. We've got a handful of spoil on our hands now. And this potty training thing is a little dicey. And what about him whining and such when we leave, even for a few minutes. How am I supposed to go back to work? It's a full-time job here.

The weather is amazing, nearly springtime like. Daffodils are coming up nicely....and I even saw one in bloom yesterday. Here's hoping that you'll find yourselves happy, hopeful, and content in this, the last week of February.


RAD Homo said...

Same to you sunshine! Have a great weekend and last week of Febbie... Nice to have you back and dont worry little Mason will get better in time...Little pats and hugs to little Mason-- and yes to you too! :-) xo

Laurie said...

I'm just going to yell for ya.
LEWIS!! LEWIS!! ha! So glad you had
a wonderful 21st birthday.

A baby is a hand full. Maybe you
could find a doggie daycare around
there. But, they are well worth it.

Lemuel said...

I thought that was the purpose of all the Mason's in the world: so that we have something to spoil!

I do think a correction is in order, however. I suspect that Mason let THEM sleep in HIS bed. :) (and if you treat him right, he'll do the same to you and husband now that you are back home.)

CJ said...

I wish I could give Mason one of my babies Milk Bones.
Your back to life, back to reality.

Stacey said...

Happy 21st Birthday! Welcome to puppyhood. Murphy is finally old enough (and far enough away from being a puppy) so it doesn't seem like it was that bad... HA!

Anonymous said...

Hello, looks like you had fun!!

I just got a movie, it was released a few days ago: For the Bible Tells me So. Very good! Check it out on Youtube!! :)


Sorry to be like an advertisement, but it was so good!!


dit said...

Glad you had such a nice trip. Always great meeting new people.

Good luck with the potty training.

Have a great weekend.

Sorted Lives said...

Glad you made it home safely and fulfilling your family obligations. Thanks for the call Thursday...made my day. So, when are you coming back? Sure miss you and that hunk of a husband.

wep601 said...

Welcome back Lewis! :-) Sounds like a super trip, and AH!!! there's no place like home, huh? Wendy

Java said...

Welcome back. Hope you transition smoothly from vacation mode back to reality. Mason will help, I'm sure. Help distract you, at least. :-)

Glad you had a great trip. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wayne said...

Sounds like a great trip!
Always fun meeting new peopl!

bardelf said...

Welcome home.
Wow! Daffodils! You're ahead of us in the Southeast. Glad your little puppy is doing so well. Give him a treat!

savante said...

Awwww. Mason looks adorable! More on mason!

Nathan Garvison said...

Welcome back, Mr Lewis. Your being gone from commenting on my blog has been lonely...because no one else likes to comment on my blog :(

I'm glad you had a good vacation. And about Mason...you won't want to leave him ever, but he will be bonded with you in the end. doggie daycare will be best because puppies shouldn't really be alone until about six to nine months old. But when he gets older he will learn to appreciate that you will come back. Start kennel training ASAP. Seriously, don't wait :P

Palm Springs Savant said...

how very coo. Lewis. I just love reading your blog.

Ur-spo said...

oh i miss vancouver, and having a dog, and daffodils in the spring time
Can I live with you for a while?

Cooper said...

I'm about to embark on potty training, too. If you have any tips that don't involve spreading newspaper all over the kitchen ... ;)

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday! After all, you're only 21once ... right?

That's a beautiful picture of you, by the way.

Kris said...

Glad to 'hear' you guys loved your holiday! I soo need to go to Canada, always great things from what people are saying...