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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Land Of -- Oz??

Well, I made it. To the land of "I Pray" license plates, John McCain mailings laying out on the kitchen counter, little fish on the back of many cars, giant SUVs and pickups everywhere, Wal Mart mommies and daddys with their little cute sayings on the back of the sedans, new construction of a JC Penney store, traffic so bad I can't begin to describe it, and every single Republic yard sign you can imagine. I feel so at home, warm and cozy. Now, where is my Obama-Biden kit? Pray for me, would you please......I need it.

And thanks to those of you who text messaged and called me on my journey today. It was a fantastic day for travel.


Ur-spo said...

try not to touch anything

and remember Mr. Haney in Green Acres.

Lemuel said...

It's an alternate universe. You will soon wake up and realize it was only a nightmare.

Breenlantern said...

I am going to find religion and accept the existence of a god JUST so I can pray for you....because you just may need it that bad. LOL. Sorry i couldn't be one of your callers or texters...major drama at work...but you know I was with you in spirit.

Doug said...

Click your heels together 3 times, but make sure no one notices you're wearing ruby slippers.

RAD said...

hoope you brought your flannel to fit right on in...Have a god weekend in ho!

bridgeout said...

I bet you not only made it safe and sound, but with fuel to spare! :)
Stay strong! Don't let anyone hypnotize you! ;)

anne marie in philly said...

your description makes me wanna hurl, man!

after leaving there, you are going to need therapy to get those horrible images outta your mind!

that's one big pile of redneck ignorance I won't be visiting anytime soon!

Gregorio said...

Owh boy! It reminds me of going back to my hometown of 734 people. (where my parents still live, both republicans, etc...) But, hey, how many cities can you actually know the EXACT population of?


afod said...

Don't forget the "out and Proud" kit! Oh but wait, this is also "gunrack in back of truck" country....nevermind!