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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Are We Supposed to Do With Bigots ??

What is the proper protocol for dealing with bigots? Bigots in the family with whom one needs to work on some semblance of a pleasant level. Last night it was: "I hope they lose the game after they went on the field at the end of the game and said they were for Obama....I just hope they lose." So, I pleasantly (well, not really so pleasantly) asked: "What's wrong with expressing who someone supports for President?" Oh, boy...that didn't fly at all. Kind of an uncomfortable, gutteral laugh and then.... "Well, you can just read this.....". I am thrust with a three-page copy of some email called "Your History Lesson for Today." It began way back in the dark ages, 1976, when Jimmy Carter was President. And it led straight up to next Tuesday, November 4, Election Day. And how it was Jimmy Carter's fault that "Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama" may very well be our next President. It mentioned every Democrat between then and now and how rotten they were/are. It mentioned none of the last eight years nor any Republican at all. I went to bed steamin' mad. I was ready to pack the car and leave this morning (my husband doesn't even know that part...don't tell him). Except for mom needs my help. Then I hear that Mr. Bigot has been mean to my mother, nothing physical or like that, but in a rude sort of way that made her cry. And, boys and girls, that shit ain't gonna fly with this boy. Not for a minute.

So, please, have your opinions. Enjoy them. But if it ever migrates to the N-Word, hatred, being rude or mean because of someone's race, sex, sexual orientation or any of the other things that make us who we are, you're going to hit a brick wall with this boy. I'll tell you off but proper. And happily. I will always stand up for right, for who people are.

So, now, what am I going to do with this N-Word-Hating Bigot? I'm just about to institute National Grab a Bigot By the Balls Day. And I'll be glad to start it. Thankfully, we're leaving tomorrow for this journey at 06:00 Pacific Time:
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Doug said...

The sooner on the road the better. Get thee the hell out of there!

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Oh wow, this is serious, you posted it twice!

Actually I don't know what you do. My head just wants to explode when I have to hold in the ranting and raving I want to let forth to make people wake up and think for themselves, form their own opinions, not follow the fear mongers lies like vacuous morons.

Ur-spo said...

despite everything I still think it is good not to resort to 'their level' but to radiate patience, and good vibes.
hard as hell but better than a needless shouting match.