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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dancing in the Streets

We've just returned home with a new President-Elect in position. I can't believe it. A day that I wasn't fully convinced would ever arrive -- the realist in me always has its hand in the matter. But it was made quite real when we saw fireworks going off on street corners and all of the cars on the road honking in celebration. And then we hit Hawthorne Street in Portland. We couldn't believe it -- celebrants everywhere...every corner...in the middle of the intersections. With giant Obama signs. Whistling, shouting, yelling....in the middle of the roads. Assuring us that the victory we'd just seen on the television was, indeed, quite real. I still don't think it has set in....the reality of what has happened. It is a new day, a fresh breath of air -- especially to those who have gone without, those who have been beaten down, those who have been threatened and mistreated. Those are the folks who, like us, had tears in our eyes tonight. All over the election of a new president. And rightfully so. Celebrate, kids. We have every damned reason in the world to.


doreus said...

It is indeed a day for celebration! Will not be calling... but congrats! At least, there's hope for change!

Billy said...

I'm really glad from my side of the world! It's time that idiot Bush leaves the oval office and someone makes some changes.

Have a great celebration my friend.

michael said...

Yes, indeed.
Finally, a cause for celebration.


Wayne said...

Yes! I feel we are awakening from a long bad dream! Make that a nightmare!

FlipFlopsBoy said...

AMEN! I, like you, never thought I'd see the day...this is SO MAJOR!

Lemuel said...

Be filled with joy today!

bridgeout said...

What an exciting night it was! The kids stayed up late and we all sat spellbound to the tele. They thanked me for letting them stay up to watch such history being made. It was so cool!
Thus far, my heart is full of hope for true change to take place in our country... even in the face of gay equality losses around our Country last night.
This is monumental!

dailybriefing said...

obama needs to step up and help all of the gays that helped get him elected.