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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The People I Hang With

I've been thinking lately about how this whole blogging deal has found me in the good company of quite a few of you, my readers and now my friends. Plus, I've asked for text messages and phone calls the last few days to see if I could render a few more of you spellbound under my curse....and it worked! So, here's the rundown on who I've met (absolutely no particular order...so don't get bent out of shape if you're "not in the top five"). I'm also going to leave your names out just in case you don't want them smathered about on the world wide web. I'm looking forward to adding as many of you as possible in the future whether you like it or not! So, who have I forgotten? Let me know so I can feel horrible!

Mid Afternoon Snack -- Orlando, Florida
Blogography -- Leavenworth, Washington
Swim, Ski and Renovating Our Home -- Vancouver, BC
Geoff N Terry -- Vancouver, BC
Sorted Lives -- Orlando, Florida
Actor Schmactor -- Orlando, Florida
Mike Says -- Orlando, Florida
Idol Eyes and a Dormy -- Albany, New York
Blair's Corner -- Portland, Oregon
Allogenes -- Albany, New York
Whisper in the Void -- Southwest, Florida
My 2 Cents -- Seattle, Washington
2 Acres of Grass -- Albany, New York
TSM -- McMinnville, Oregon
Iron Fist -- Portland, Oregon
Left Coast/Right Brain -- Portland, Oregon
All Preparation No H -- Phoenix, Arizona
The Jimmi Chronicles -- Phoenix, Arizona
Voenix Rising -- Phoenix, Arizona
BrettCajun -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The Moby Files -- San Francisco, California
Dan Nation -- San Francisco, California
Designer Blog -- Raymond, New Hampshire
Just David -- Houston, Texas
Rambling Along in Life -- Richmond, Virginia
Ready, Reset, Go -- Boston, Massachusetts

I've Also Received Phone Calls/Text Messages From:

London Life -- London, England
Flip Flops Boy -- Somewhere in Louisiana...I think!
Anne Marie in Philly -- Has no blog ... I Wish I could Email Her Back!!
Tales of the Sissy -- Lewes, Delaware
TurnipHed -- Toronto, Ontario
Burning or Building Bridges -- Corvallis, Oregon


christopherc said...

You've not forgotten me..I've been mia for too long... working on that here though.

Cheers Stud!


Kevin in Danbury said...

Pretty new to your blog and loved following your travels to visit the albany boys (whose blog i just found but we have rt friends in common)

Love the blog Keep up the greatness (and the sexyness)

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Yes, that's right...I am "SOMEWHERE" in Louisiana!! LOL

Lemuel said...

You run in good company, I would say

michael said...

Pretty new here, too.
But would be proud to be on your list of new friends.


Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Hello from Toronto - missed the chance to call/text. Was too busy getting into your Hubby's blog. Next time perhaps!?

RAD said...

Im not on the list-- does that make me a loser? Sorry I didnt text or call....Didnt you hear me yell at you from Seattle? Im so low tech....but yes that was me... :-) We do hope to see you in Dec when we come down to shop in PDX though!

Dave2 said...

OMG! I'm in your top five!!

annie said...

hey, i'm not on the list! maybe it's a familial distancing thing? i'm proud to say i actually got a phone call that momentous night!

bridgeout said...

{warm smile}... love to be one of the peeps who "hangs" with you!

Michael Guy said...

I'm assuming CHICAGO will be on your list for 2009. I just know you'll flip for my Italian beef...

Oh. We have good bratwurst here, too.

Blair said...

Im happy to have made the top ten considering my blog is less than a week old. Thanks! That's unconditional love for you.

Doug said...

Ain't blogging great? I'm thrilled to have gotten to know you via blog and a little bit in person (hopefully more in-person events in the future).

Sorted Lives said...

...and you know I love you!! I am thankful for our friendship.. and love. You know MaryEllen and I would love to see you again...HINT HINT!!

PS: Bring the husband TOO! Send him my best!

Mikey said...

I liked what you had to say. You can blog roll me should you feel you want to.

Ur-spo said...

Would you believe it when I tell you I am very shy over the notion of talking or meeting my blogging buddies? It feels like meeting a celebrity.

If you promise not to laugh at my stammer, I will call.

afod said...

Consider yourself fortunate to have met some of these bloggers! And they should feel the same!

Thom said...

I hope to be on your list one of these days!

Mark in DE said...

It was fun texting with you!

Mark :-)

Moby said...

We've met? Who are you? :) Just kidding.


turnipHed said...

Um hello where is the "ate a wicked good meal and drank beer and then more booze" category?