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Monday, December 29, 2008


It's 99,915 right this minute.....but by the end of today, I will have reached 100,000 (counter to your left). AND WHO WILL BE THE 100,000 VISITOR???? 100,000 isn't that much for many of you. But for me, it's monumental. And here it hit right on the birth of a brand new year! In addition to the fact that I'm actually far away from my own home at the warm and welcoming home of fellow-bloggers-turned-fellow-friends Sean and Jeffrey. Combine that with the fact that my honey is here too. It all adds up to a very most excellent cool rockin' sassy beautiful way to celebrate a scant 100,000 hits. And to all of you, my faithful followers and friends, THANK YOU! I've had the fortunate luck to be able to meet many of you, talk with some of you on the phone, and email many more of you (oh, and swap dirty pictures with a few of you as well....ahem). Whatever it's been, I'm thankful for it. You've made my life a better place to be.


franck said...

Yay, the comment thing is working now! :-)
What do I win for being visitor 99,969?

CawfeeGuy said...

damn you're like Mickey Dee's!

annie said...

99,928 here! looks like, once again, i've been reduced to a number...at least it's not at a penal (or penile, either) institution! wow, brother, you've really outdone yourself this time.

love, sis

Peter said...

It's not the numbers that count, it's the pleasure you give us with your posts. Hope 2009 brings all you both wish for!

Greg said...

Congrats on the impending milestone!

Laurie said...

So, whatcha wearing.... :)
Anything you can be talked out
of ;)

I know, I know I'm a bad girl :)

You've made my life a better place
too :)

Glad you're having fun...Relax
and enjoy!!


Archerr said...

I'm not #100,000....oh well. My blog is about to hit 100,000 as well! I need 81 more hits to get there. Maybe not today but tomorrow for sure. Hope you are enjoying your time away! Looks like you are.

Wayne said...

Your way ahead of me! But then you are a popular blog!
Happy New Year Lewis!

Breenlantern said...

we're glad you're here to celebrate with us!!!! Let's make some fireworks.

Anonymous said...

I am # 100,007!!! Woohoo! Just so close! ;)
CONGRATS! That is huge!!

I hope you guys are having fun and will enjoy a wonderful new year celebration!!!