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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Can you feel it? The fresh breath of peace...or hope...or rejuvenation? Man oh man, I sure can. I have this "once in a lifetime" feeling. Today's the day and we're having our Inaugural Day Party here beginning at 7:30am. We're expecting 20-25 people for drinks, breakfast snacks, and lots of fun. I wish you were all here....seriously. I could go on and on -- suffice it to say that this day has been a long, long time in coming. As we begin this entirely new era in our nation's history, I wish you all world of peace, love, and joy.....in just the right amounts and just the right times in your lives. Celebrate!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I can't be there to celebrate with you! Have a drinkie poo or six for me... :)

anne marie in philly said...

happy inauguration day!

in less than 8 hours, we will have a new president!

lift a glass for me, since I will be working at my job, but I will be recording the ceremony to watch this evening.

oh, and W...don't let the door hit your sorry excuse for an ass as you leave, you monumental f-up!!!!!

Lemuel said...

I hope you have a great party! Wish we could all be there, too!

But above all I wish good things for our new president and our nation.

travelling, but not in love said...

Have a great day. the world is watching and hoping with you.

such excitement!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, nothing more to add to that except to echo it back to you and yours! Here we go!

RAD said...

sad I could not be there with you too! Cheers! Happy Ig day to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice Obamicom!