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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Riding On the New Year's Coat Tails -----

I'm generally not a fan of riding on someone else's coat tails....but in the interest of brevity, and because I want to get to bed pronto, here's a bit of a preview from Sean of the amazing New Year's Eve we had.....I can't tell you how fun it was.


Robert said...

Okay Lewis, I was just over there at Sean's place and boy am I glad that I went there!! Love love love the pictures, but you know which one is my fave??

Yeah yeah, you know it!!! GRRRRRR! :-) Happy happy New Year to you and your beau!!! I hope this new year will bring everything even more love and good health!!!

Dave2 said...

I'm relieved. Because MY New Year was totally boring, and hearing how much fun you had would be depressing! Hope the rest of your year is equally great!

Wayne said...

Oh, that last pic was priceless!

Sorted Lives said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Glad you guys are having the time of your life!!

Laurie said...

Went and looked at the pics!!
Yeah that's what I'm talking about!
Didn't see any :(

That's alright...I guess I'll just
have to use my imagination....

Glad y'all had a blast :)


bridgeout said...

Great post! Loved all the pics!!! What a blast you guys are having! And Laurie... there was just that one "NEKKID" pic. at "the end"... ;)

Cute guys!!

Happy New Year!!!

Ryan said...

any place your at there is fun hehe cute butts!

WAT said...

Clearing my throat here.

Mmmm hmmm.

Queen Clyde must've seen lots more than those pics reveal.


Happy New Year.

Mark in DE said...

Happy New Year, Lewis!

RAD said...

this is a cute pic of you boys!!! Happy New Year Portland! xo

CJ said...

Ummm damn Lewis. Looking good Lewis.