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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Straight Boy Talk

Occasionally, we apparently become bored with our flamboyant gay lifestyle. (You know, the "gay agenda.") Because we find ourselves having some semblance of straight boy talk. The really macho talk that makes straight girls get all wet and cranked up. The conversations that straight men may be prone to. We blather on indefinitely about chicks, church, trucks, Carhartt, titty bars, and other testosterone-laden nonsense. This was today's conversation:

One Queer to the Other Queer: So, hey buddy, so your car looks pretty clean. You get it washed?

Other Queer to One Queer: Yeah dude, had it washed by the church youth group...they were having a fundraiser for some Jews for Jesus project. Thought it was a good idea to support them.

One Queer to Other Queer: You still going to Sunnyside Nazarene?? (Side Note: SN is known for their anti-gay stance.)

Other Queer to One Queer: Nah, my girl lives closer to City Bible Church up on Rocky Butte so I go up there with her. Plus, they hate the faggots even more than the Sunnyside church did. (Side Note: CBC is REALLY known for its anti-gay stance.)

And then we giggle. And bring our voices back up an octave to a typical gay sort of timbre.

Who knows what tomorrow's straight boy conversation will be. But, I assure you, there will be one.


Princessa lil mexico said...

you should read "How the homosexuals saved civilization" it will teach you how gay talk is getting crossed into straight talk!


Breenlantern said...

Hey, man, don't know what shit you're spreading, but this is my talk, day in and day out. I'm all man, all hetero, and all macho and I will suck the d**k of ANY guy who says otherwise! Got it, hombre?

*high pitched giggle with hand over mouth*

Java said...

You guys crack me up.

Ur-spo said...

don't forget the pabst and a burping contest.
And Superbowl - don't forget that, or they will take away your straight card.

LeLo said...


Nude Canadian Boy said...

lol - that was great

wcs said...

Reminds me, in a very strange way, of a Roseanne Barr joke:

"People tell me I'm not feminine enough. Can ya believe it? Not feminine enough! Well, ya know what I say to them? Suck my dick!"


Blair said...

This is the same boy that rolled over sometime in the night and had his hand on me in "questionable" places...

Must have been slow last night down at the tiity bar..... ; )

travelling, but not in love said...

Hey, we all experiment from ti,e to time...or not.

Laurie said...

Way to cute guys!!!!


Greg said...

Next time, find a mullet wig. And plaid shirts. Incredibly butch!!!

Anonymous said...

Very clever!! Avoid those gay hatin' churches like live mines in a mine field! ;)
Hey we all gotta stretch, huh?