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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thrashings About for Thursday

We've just returned home from an evening of dog sitting at some friend's home. They have an 11-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Toby...he's a doll and behaved like a perfect gentleman (well, except for those few times he was trying to gay dog hump our little Mason). They both slept with us in A&P's giant king-sized bed. Too bad there wasn't a camera for you all to watch us piled in that bed. And we've been reminded of what serious internet addicts we are....going without the internet for, oh say, about 14 hours.

Hubby is off to work in Seattle today and I'm going to continue checking on Toby throughout the day. I just noticed that my hair is in need of a trim. The little cowlick in one spot always grows out and looks funny and is my reminder of haircut time. The weather has been absolutely glorious for a few days now -- in fact, we've not really had the typical day-after-day rain that we usually do in the winter (except for that major snow back around the holidays). February is one of my favorite months of the year -- the baby bulbs are already about a 1/4 inch out of the ground and it seems like winter (at least here in Portland) at least starts to lose the noose it's held on our necks since November. (Well, all of that plus the fact that I get to age an additional year in a few weeks from now.) It's been in the upper 50s and sunny. Last night in yoga, the sun was shining in and it looked so beautiful on the people's bodies ahead of me in class as they were all positioned just so, challenging their bodies and spirits to focus, balance, and center. I did a bit of a better job on a pose or two but, and I swear to this, there are some poses that are nearly impossible if you are thinking about anything else in your life. Centering, focusing, is demanded....along with "staying with your breath." And last night, just for a minute, I thought about all of those in my life who need some help right now. So, on the exhale of my breath, I breathed out for you. For your health and happiness.

We're throwing around the idea of a possible ocean cruise this spring. I'm the one dragging my feet. It's not that I don't really want to go, it's that I'd rather not spend all of my tax return on a cruise that will be over and done with in a week. I'd rather put it on debt. We've looked at several Transatlantic cruises which are horribly tempting. And now we may have settled on a West Coast/Pacific cruise. And, I must say, the Transatlantic is not much more than the shorter West Coast one....except for the getting back and forth to and from the ship costs. This whole WWW and internet thing is really nothing but a source of giant temptation.


Greg said...

My parents recently took a cruise through the Panama Canal and loved it. From their pictures, it looked like an amazing trip so perhaps a cruise -- even to Mexico or up to the glaciers in Alaska -- might be fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that exhale... I needed it today... {HUGZ}

Anonymous said...

PS- just got this message in an email from a friend (the one who signs his notes with 'Namasté'). I thought of the end of your 2nd paragraph in this post and wanted to share the article with you.

dit said...

How fun! The only cruise I've been on was when I was in the Navy. Cruising with you sounds much more fun.

annie said...

sometimes it amazes me when i find that, yet again, i love you even MORE!

Anonymous said...

Let me be the voice of reason: pay down your debt. OR, even better, put that money away in something easy to get to (like a CD ladder), just in case. As a reward, set aside a small amount of money and spend it on something you'd both like to have or indulge in.

Cruises are over-rated, especially gay ones. You'd be better off flying to various places and enjoying them from land.

Anonymous said...

Cruise sounds fun; damn debt...there is always something. So, about the going without internet. I KNOW...it's hard! I have been without it for 2 weeks now...I've called, but they're slow to coming to my house to set it up/turn it on, lol! I am always amazed at people (especially young ones) that don't use it daily!

Gregorio en España

Steven said...

If only Chicagoland was able to have that kind of weather on a regular basis in February. We're usually waiting until May-June. :-)