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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Love Everything About You

"I Love Everything About You." That's what he said to me this morning as I dressed in my skull cap and boots to take the dog out for a dump in the dusting of late winter snow we had overnight. I countered, quickly: "That's a lie." "Well," he said, "Pretty much everything about you." "Oh, in the course of less than five seconds we're down to 'pretty much,'" I said to him. And he continued digging the hole, albeit honestly: "Well, most things about you." And that's where we left it. In less than ten seconds we migrated from "Everything" to "Most things." You gotta love honesty. And you gotta love being together for nearly 12 years.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean this maliciously, but you've got to admit the part you played in getting yourself knocked down a few levels. It can be very hard to take a compliment, but you should practice just saying "Thank you!" in response (or even better in this partic sitch, "I love you, too").

Blair said...

And now that you are out of the room....on your way to stock up on supplies at the store so you can continue to take care of "me" as you have for the last several days and every time I have been in bed sick over the last 12years.....I can say "I love everything about you!" and I mean every word of it!

Thank you for being such a wonderful Doctor and Nurse and Therapist and Teacher and Nutritionist and Chef and Housekeeper and Dogwalker and Taxi Driver and Partner and Soulmate and Lover and Husband.

Everything about YOU!

Ultra Dave said...

That was sweet. He loves you despite yourself.

Nathan said...

Ahem... cough cough... I wrote a post similar to this a few years ago, and you got onto me for setting up Rodney. Now weren't you kind of setting him too when you questioned his compliment? Pot meet kettle :)

I'm glad our men say they love everything about us, even if they really don't. It's just nice to hear.

Is the poor guy sick again? :(

Java said...

LOL!! You're messin' with his head, the poor dear. He's sick, cut him some slack!

Breenlantern said...

Sometimes it's the imperfections and the vulnerability we love the most...you are lucky to have each other and your love and support for one another are an inspiration.

Ur-spo said...

even with 'most things' you remain a fortunate man.

I envy you.

Anonymous said...

AH!!! It is that sweet hopeful love, with a dash of honestly and a pinch of tenacity--oh, and a sprinkle of humor--that keeps the recipe of long term love percolating! :)

Mark in DE said...

Who needs 'honesty' when you've got 'romantic'? If Spouse ever said anything like that to me I think he'd have to pick me up off the floor.

Good for you!