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Friday, April 03, 2009

Saint Lewis Crosses The Bridge

It's happened....again. I've met yet another fellow blogger in person. Only this time I was daring enough to have my husband and sister along with me (I don't let them be seen with me in public often). We all had the extreme fortune to have lunch with Wendy from Burning or Building Bridges in the Community? We met at Pastini, one of our favorite Italian haunts...this one at Bridgeport Village south of Portland. As is typical when we meet someone we've never met before, we all sat there waiting for her...pointing to each passerby, wondering, assuming, saying funny (or not so funny) things about each of them. And then it happened: "There She Is!" And it was. The smiling, happy-go-lucky face headed our way. And as is also typical when meeting bloggers for the first time, it was like we'd met a very long time ago -- each of us already knowing much about one another. We laughed, made jokes, giggled and feasted on a delicious lunch. We took Mason with us so we took Wendy out to the car to meet a horribly hyper Mason -- and we shot the pics you'll see below. Not to be outdone, we finished lunch with a trip to Under U 4 Men to ogle over expensive men's underwear -- some of which may very well be featured in an upcoming Undie Monday. We ventured over to Banana Republic after that and each of us purchased a pair of boxers or t-shirt. It was about that time that a beautiful afternoon sun hit our shoulders as we said goodbye in the parking lot. Wendy, the pleasure was all ours. You're a gem -- full of such good energy and inner beauty. Sometime again, I hope. UPDATE: And here's Burning or Building Bridges take on the whole affair.


annie said...

...or maybe the real reason is that the husband and the sister choose not to be seen in public with you. maybe?...?

ah, the time with bridges was so... um, wordless. the company, the warmth, the laughter, the beautiful smile, the use of off-color words, the imagery, everything. thank you all for a visit i shall not forget!

Blair said...

What a blast! It is amazing how small our world has become! It is amazing how we all have walked in the same shoes at one point or another in our lives.

Looking forward to many more bridge crossings soon!

I am so happy it all worked out during sis's visit!

Anonymous said...

Lewis (I really like calling you by both names actually... so Arnie...), Annie and Blair... as I already texted you on my drive home... HUGE thanks for a wonderful laugh filled, warm, fun afternoon! The conversation and hugs came so easy. The pasta was so yummy! The underwear store was so naughty! ;) Your generosity of spirit so memorable. Heartfelt thank you to all 3 of you! My cheeks still hurt from the laughing! Mega {HUGZ}!!!
More film to come at the bridge soon!

Java said...

Oh what FUN!!

Anonymous said...

PS- TGIF! My baby's comin' home early tonight! Yehaw! So I've got the flowers and boxers all ready! ;)

(There may not be "film at 11" on _that_ part...)

Ryan said...

i'll call ya soon big bro and we will work out the dates so you can and visit me i would love that!


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing, meeting the world!! :)

Greetings from Barcelona

Princessa lil mexico said...

Sweet on meeting someone new! I hope to perhaps meet you both in person one day! Plus The Under 4 u men is my favorite store. it's not that much money for unides. you got to look in the sale rack part of the store. They have some pretty good brands in there. Any Pastini Rocks!!!


wcs said...

Awwww! What fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm with your sister on this one...

Glad y'all got to meet up...Makes
me happy :)

TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ur-spo said...

how lucky for you!

I would like to meet each and every blogger I know, read, stalk and drool over.

you two fit in there a few ways.

CJ said...

Round Round You get around. I swear Lewis your like s southern preacher out on a tent revival tour. Or maybe I'm confused with undie munday???????