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Friday, October 23, 2009

(De)Fragmented Friday Fineries

Momma in law is home as of yesterday afternoon. We had her entire apartment cleaned as best we could and rearranged so she could move easily with her walker without tripping. Her refrigerator and freezer are stocked so full you wouldn't believe it. She seems to be in good spirits now that she's out of the place she hated so much. I have one thing to say: If I ever end up in a hospital or rehabilitation center, I hope that I treat other people pleasantly and appreciate others for what they do for me without griping, complaining, and flying off the handle at them. Enough said.

I miss my hubby this morning. For the second time in the recent weeks, he's found his way out of bed in the middle of the night because of an inability to sleep. It's been very stressful being the sole caregivers for the aforementioned MIL -- No other family members here to run errands and take her to appointments and no family helping reimburse us for the mounting costs of helping her maintain her life. We've had little time together, no gym time, and a busy work schedule. And we've had very little Mason and home time. So, neither of us have been sleeping well. We've been trying to find time for a trip to the Oregon Coast -- it's only 1 1/2 hours away and we haven't been there in more than two years. But, there's no time. And I need a trip to Boise to see my mom and sis.....and there's no time for that either. So, all of that to say that we need to get better sleep and regain some sense of normality.

Did you know that most (all?) schools nowadays have a zero-tolerance drug policy -- and I mean no aspirin, Tylenol, no nothing. So, one of my family members in 8th grade found that out the hard way. She found some sort of pill underneath a school desk and split it with a classmate. (I know, I know....very very silly.) She's a bright, educated, smart, intelligent and beautiful young lady and it surprised me more than you can imagine. So, another classmate watched them do this, turned them in to the school officials, and they were both suspended immediately for a minimum of five days while the school Board sorted out the issue. That's how it works. No questions, no nothing .... you get expelled .... no matter the drug, the story behind it, nothing. She went to the ER and had a drug test which showed no narcotics in her system. Then she is required to go before the School Board and plead her case, just like in court. The fine for actually being the "distributor" of the drug? The remainder of the semester off....until January! Fortunately for her, the School Board believed her story and allowed her to return to school with a requirement to attend some sort of drug classes. So, be warned, zero tolerance means exactly that.

My increasingly slow Sony Vaio laptop is bugging the hell out of me. I do all of my regular scans for viruses, run the defragmenter, clear the cookies, and all of that.....but it's not all that much better. I mean, I click on something and it's like I don't even know if it's registered the click or not...I wait, and wait. Dial-up speed (remember the OLD days??). Nothing appears to be wrong, and I can't find a definitive answer. So, I'm not sure what to do. It's just one more thing to add to my list of life's annoyances right now. So, after we climb into bed last night, hubby appears to be asleep when I see his eyes closed but his mouth say, "Aaaapppplllleeee." And then, "Maaccc Booooookkkkkkk." And then pretends to be snoring. I rolled him over and pry his eyes open to look at me. He said, "Just make sure they save one more for me because I want one too." I guess we both have a hankering for a Macbook. He tells me that he won't be surprised to see one on my desk when he returns from Seattle today.

And one more little teeny tiny thing: The Northwest Airline's pilots that accidently overflew their destination a few days back? You know, the ones that went 1:20 without radio contact? The ones that said they were having a heated discussion about company policy in the flight deck and were distracted? Fire 'em. Now.


Lemuel said...

I am hoping that you and your hubby can find some kind of outlet/resolution for your stress. It is not fun and the toll it can take on you is great. Best wishes.

Christopher said...

Wow...methinks the school & the school board are over-reacting!

Geoff said...

I wondered what you thought about those pilots! I hope your mother in law has a speedy recovery! Big hug!

annie said...

damn, i absolutely ABSOLUTELY love you. okay, that's out of the way - isn't it funny that in today's society we have the feelings of being overwrought by family members RIGHT NEXT TO issues with our laptops, while we are FLYING IN airplanes???

the world is a great place to be.

Ur-spo said...

Care taking is a strenuous job.
"Even the care takers need care taking"
keep that in mind.

Does zero tolerance of drugs in school mean no ritalin or adderall? eek!

Birdie said...

This too shall pass.

But, yeah, get the MacBook. I've always bought their refurbs (click on the "sale" icon on their "Store" page) and had great success. Same warranty for 15-30% off.

My MacBook Pro just screams, she's so fast. We just added the Airport Extreme base unit to our WiFi, and there is no wait time at all as I click on new pages.

I've dealt with "zero tolerance" in the schools, and it means "zero common sense." My son was suspended for wearing a rubberband on his wrist, due to its potential for use as a weapon. Hell, books have greater weapon potential; and he never took it off his wrist. The result? He was beaten up in the in-school suspension room. Came home with a purple, swollen lip. Don't get me started.

Steven said...

Perhaps you do this already, but during these trying times, regardless of how little time you have, make sure you give you and hubby enough time and compassion...enough to let the other one know that regardless of how hectic life is right now, which undoubtedly leads to little or no conversation, that you still love each other. And, of course, let Mason know too, because dogs can sense when others are under stress.

I cannot imagine what school would be like for me if I was just starting out. It would be easy to see how many freedoms we once had back in the day that are no longer there.

I'm with you about the pilots and I can only imagine how many times you, as an airline employee, are asked the same questions over and over about the pilots; which has got to get old VERY quickly when you are already under so much stress.

Hang in there!

CJ/Rick said...

I'm glad your MIL is at home now. She will be happier I'm sure.
Yeah I've heard about that for sometime:zero tolerance. Poor girls and queens can't even take a Midol.
My puter is slow as hell. I've done as you but nothing seems to help. It takes minutes to upload a photo to Blogger. Are we getting impatient?
I'm glad the plane wasn't shot down. Sounds strange.

tornwordo said...

I've said it before, cameras in the cockpits now. Everyone is filmed in every retail outlet but we can't keep an eye on those who have everyone's lives in their hands? Ridiculous.

Sorry about the hectic, I hope you get some down time soon.

Will said...

Now that she's home I hope you and Blair can decompress, get some quiet together time and pay attention to caring for yourselves. ArnieBlair is =a beautiful thing.

Big, healing hugs from Fritz and me!

Anonymous said...

AH! You and Blair so need some quiet time just to yourselves w/o caring for anyone or anything (except maybe your new Macbooks ;-) ). I have felt what that need feels like before. I hope you both get that soon! (Steven articulated this better than I did...)
And I was grinning when I read your reaction to those pilots. I wondered what you thought of all that hubbub.

Greg said...

School board seems to be over-reacting. I wonder what happens to a child with asthma who brings a fast-acting inhaler to school....

I'm sure you and the Hubby will figure out something with regards to taking some time for yourselves. You need to, otherwise you'll both go stir crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis,

Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time at the moment. (I know how that is, been there done that). However, that's not for ever.

take care, and good luck,


Mark in DE said...

I'm sure the care you're giving Blair's mom is difficult at times, but cherish your time with her now while she's still around.

I have the same problem with my computer, which is why I usually use my work computer for personal stuff too. If you find the answer, please share it!