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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Dress Party, Provincetown, Vacation, Complaining

Don't you get tired of people who complain ad nausea about things they already knew about -- things that they knew full well would happen even before they did? Like going into the bank and cashing a check and then getting upset because they asked to see your photo ID. Like boarding an airplane last with a giant carry-on bag and getting totally bent out of shape because there is no room left for it. Like being on reserve/standby as a flight attendant and sporting a precious icky attitude because your Crew Scheduling Department calls you to go and fly on a trip that particular day. Like getting all worked up because you used the services of a business and then they have the nerve to send you a bill in the mail for it and demand payment. Boo hoo. Big boo hoo. Poor little babies. I just don't get it. Nothing surprising or unusual about any of the above scenarios. Expected. Planned for. You knew it ahead of time. And, yet, you still choose to get bent out of shape and sport a bad attitude. Get over it. Get a new life. Enuf.

I have a week's vacation coming up right after Easter in April. It's always one of those semi uncomfortable times when I may, or may not, plan to vacation alone. I have done it once or twice. LoverBoy hasn't done it by himself yet in spite of my prodding. So, I'm not sure. Should I stay home and work extra trips? Should I go somewhere really cool and exciting (and feel badly the entire trip because I know how much LoverBoy would enjoy it)? Should I find a friend who wouldn't mind me staying with them for a few days and go and visit? How about somewhere completely new, where I don't know a single soul. Now, that's weird, isn't it? But I would do it. I like that kind of stuff. I've had Facebook suggestions for the following places: South Africa; London; Sharon Springs, New York; Tucson; American Southwest Desert; Las Vegas; Palm Springs; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Key West; Orlando; Danbury, Connecticut; Sydney, Australia; Tahiti; and even Jordan Valley, Oregon. Is it a time to go and meet some of my blogger friends whom I've never met? I've done that before and always enjoyed it. And, then, do you get a hotel or stay at their house? Weird....those situations. Is it time to head to a mountain top by myself and stare into space? A yoga retreat? New York City to see a show and walk around? I don't know. It always feels funny going by myself. I just don't know. But I'm totally open to your ideas and suggestions.

My brother in law is coming to visit his mom this week. For an entire 24 hours. He hasn't been up to visit forever. His mom has been through hell the last few months. I'm trying to have a better attitude. Oh, who am I kidding. No I'm not.

I have layovers this next two weeks in Seattle, Denver, and Chicago. No plans. But it will be nice to get back to work. I've been off for two weeks on vacation. As much fun as that is, it gets old after a bit. I need a little more structure after a while.

We have finalized our plans for attending Bear Week in Provincetown this summer. It's the 10th anniversary of the annual celebration. We attended last year and I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it. Such a great, welcoming group of men from all over the place. Relaxed, enjoyable, restful, and a whole lotta fun! You should consider it. And while I'm chatting up P-Town, have you seen the P-Town Diaries yet? Wow. Such a great documentary on the history of Provincetown. The people who created the gay mecca. The writers, artists and such that made it such a great place today. The protests, the good times, the thousands of visitors that journey all of the way out to the very tip of Cape Code each year to enjoy P-Town. Check out the P-Town Diaries if you get a chance.

We are getting ready for Portland's Red Dress Party on April 17. Plenty of out-of-town visitors even come for it. It's an annual event to raise money for Portland's Q Center, Cascade AIDS Project, and other organizations that needs funding. Everybody that attends wears a red dress. We've never gone....we're virgins and really looking forward to it. We've had nothing but giggles -- actually outright laughter -- in the process of finding just the right dress, earrings, makeup, shoes, and all of that. What with our birthing-sized hips, thick ankles, and manly shoulders, it's been quite the trip.


Larry Ohio said...

Whatever you do, don't come to Ohio. You will be swinging at the end of a rope within 24 hours guaranteed. It's all I can do to keep from exposing a beam here.

Having a Broadway excursion sounds fantastic to me. But can you afford a bunch of Broadway shows? Whatever you choose I'm sure you'll find a way to have lots of fun.

anne marie in philly said...

and I bet you and blair will BOTH look better in a red dress than I EVER will!

christopherc said...

Hmmm.... if there were more to do the 20 hours a day I'm working I would suggest you come visit Blowing Rock and myself, but I'm afraid I would be a horrid host and neglect you.

Should you want to come, I can offer you a place to stay at least.


Java said...

My fantasy week-long solo vacation includes going into the woods, possibly on a mountain near a stream, and staying in a cabin if possible, or maybe a small camper. I would take a comfortable lawn chair, sit among the trees and listen carefully. And maybe smoke my pipe, which I almost never do.

annie said...

i strongly suggest you go to south africa. i mean really.....new york again? the midwest?

i can't stand people who come in, buy everything that comes to mind, then say, "oh my god it's that much"? yes.....it is.....now move aside for the 40 people behind you.....

Anonymous said...

I think you should go to Palm Springs. I love the energy there...the warmth the people.
That a great gay mecca. I think you know a few people there also.
Bear Week in Provincetown will be fun and a few friends from Palm Springs will be there
Look forward to seeing you at PT

Rick said...

Thanks for the link to Ptown Diaries. The YouTube video is cool, makes me want to go. I'm only a few hours away and haven't been in almost 5 years.

Wayne said...

I want to see pics of you and Blair in those dresses!

Iron Fist said...

I've been known to wear a dress or two in my time. If you need any tips let me know.

Gary said...

You should never work extra trips when you can vacation. Once you've retired, you will never say "Gee, I wish I'd worked those extra days back in 2010."
We've discovered a solo vacation routine that avoids guilt on the part of the vacationer and resentment on the part of the worker. The vacationer goes somewhere the worker either isn't particularly interested in or was okay with but isn't interested in seeing again. (A variation is going to visit a friend the worker's not wild about.) Keep it a bit shorter than a week, then head home and spoil the worker a little with, say, a labor-intensive dinner you wouldn't make on a work night 'cause it takes too long. Not guilty, just indulgent. Then encourage him to do the same if he's comfortable vacationing alone -- not everyone is.

Mark in DE said...

So many options for your vacation week - how will you ever decide???