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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Time Flies

My buddy Alan and his husband are about to be married! He recently did a post on "Long Ago, Not So Far Away" wherein he recalled all of the many things that had, or had not, happened in his own relationship over the past nine years. It's amazing how, in such a short amount of time, things can change. To piggyback on Alan's post, I've created my own:

Near 13 years ago when I met LoverBoy:

** We had no mobile phones.
** We had no television.
** We had a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am...2 door, sporty little thing.
** Our first apartment cost us $600 a month.
** We earned $17K a year when we first got together.
** I had never been to a nude beach when I met him.
** 9-11 had not happened yet.
** We slept on the floor on a futon mattress when we first met.
** We ate our meals on an overturned laundry basket while sitting on the floor.
** His father was still alive.
** His parents did not live in the same town as we did.
** There was no American Idol or Facebook or Twitter when we met.
** Bill Clinton was still President when we met.
** Neither of us had a blog or website yet.
** We did not own a computer.
** He had never traveled to Europe -- now he's been three times.
** There was no iPhone.
** We hadn't met most of the friends we have today.
** We didn't have a Pooch -- and I swore we never would.
** We hadn't had our first argument yet.
** We hadn't yelled or cried together yet.
** I never thought he'd still be in my life today.
** We had never been on a cruise -- now we've been on three.

I suppose the list could go on an on. Suffice it to say that time passes swiftly....rapidly. Without notice or fanfare, it disappears behind us each day with the sun's setting.


christopherc said...

Great list! I think it is very healthy -and wise to take time to list the good things and how they have evolved in our lives. Especially those lists that are positive reflections of our relationships and how they have grown!

Birdie said...

What a terrific way to look at your relationship. Let's see, when hubby and I met, he had a draft card (with a very high number). Yeah, it's been a long time.

Stephen said...

What a smart looking couple... I wish them the best. When the Hausband & I first became a couple a computer was the size of a room.

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

What a sweet list - you're going to become our new idols! - A.

Rob Inukshuk said...

That's a cool idea and some fun, interesting and thoughtful entries. As we approach our 10th Anniversary, it might be something I should attempt.

Christopher said...

Love this...so sweet!

anne marie said...

I was married in 1992...we heard bill clinton speak at a political rally in chicago, and that sold us.

amazing how this old world changes at a rapid pace, but our partners do not.

annie said...

as the saying goes, "happiness and/or life is a journey, not a destination. it's in the day-to-day happenings". i see a beautiful example of this as i read your post.

oh my goodness - no tv? whatever did you do for fun?! oh yeah.....

wcs said...

Very interesting. When Ken and I first met, Ronald Reagan was still in his first term as president. Fran├žois Mitterrand had just been elected president of France. You could still smoke on airplanes!

wcs said...
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Rick said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing. Glad you're still together.

Lemuel said...

What a great post! It reminded me of the beginnings of my own relationships, of how little we had, and of how much has changed.

CJ/Rick said...

All those years together says something about each of you and your character. Congrats! Time does fly. Dang it's May already.

Bridgeout said...

Fabulous list!! Time does fly... sometimes I say the days go slow but the years go fast.

Bridgeout said...

PS-- as always, another very clever header pic! :) Love it!

Myron said...

I can relate! No futon mattress, but a stack of blankets! No cell phones, computers, tv, tables...but 20 years later, still going strong, with a lot more toys!

Gledwood said...

Aren't they trying to ban same sex weddings in America?//or didn't they manage to declare a whole load of them illegal?
Sorry I wouldn't know because I'm the other side of the old Pond.
Here we have "Civil Partnerships" which have all the weight of marriage in law but a different name. The main advantage seems to be they mean when you die if you leave more than about $500,000 or something your partner won't be liable to inheritance tax the way a friend would...

Blair said...

** We hadn't yelled or cried together yet.

This one has definately changed! All kidding aside....wow, we have a great life baby! And we have only just begun!

Geoff said...

I really really like this. VERY touching.