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Monday, June 28, 2010

To the Point

  • The new iPhone 4 is slick. Nice and fast, no dropped calls, pretty and shiny. Stood in no lines, loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it.
  • Spent yesterday at one of our clothing-optional beaches with a bunch of buddies -- and hundreds of other Portlanders dying....DYING....for a little sunshine. I'm toasted and crispy on one side.
  • Tomorrow takes me out East to Boston for a layover. Who is in Bean Town tomorrow??
  • We're getting ready for our annual pilgrimage to Bear Week in Provincetown It is one week from Friday. I can't believe it's here already! Grrrrr...... Here is last year's extravaganza.
  • We always go to as many of Portland's free summer concerts in the parks as possible -- if you're in the area, go with us.
  • The washing machine just finished its cycle with a lovely little tune. It always does. I have to go and transfer clothes into the dryer now.
  • That is all.


Rob Inukshuk said...

Ooh, a whole flock of tweetlet type updates. Now I'm up to speed on your news.

anne marie said...

you can make the mundane items of life seem exciting!

Blair said...

Love my new phone too, thanks to you!

A great time at the beach yesterday...looking forward to our summer concerts and our trip next week!

Anne said...

i didn't know hot guys like yourself had to do their own laundry. couldn't you guys PAY someone to take care of that?!

Rick said...

A Beantown layover and I have a commitment. Damn!

Princessa lil mexico said...

such a lady! I love it!

christopherc said...

Love the updates... wish I was in Boston... wish we had an airport here(at least closer by)!

Ur-spo said...

which side is toasty?