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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

After the Holiday Weekend

  • I was confused for Neil Patrick Harris a few days back. By an older sort of gentleman. He was so kind to me as he passed me and did a double-take. "Are you Neil Patrick Harris, I must ask....?" I laughed. And then said thank you and offered my autograph. He remained rather flirtatious. I played along.
  • We depart on Friday morning for Boston and then on Saturday morning from Boston to Provincetown for Bear Week 2010! We're going to do a whirlwind Boston tour Friday evening.
  • My head cold has moved into my chest -- I feel pretty good but have this horrible cough.
  • I've been working like the devil. Tomorrow is day 6 in a row after only one day off just prior to the 6 on. But then I'm off until July 19th!
  • Mason has been under the weather -- he peed the bed (I think) about five nights back. He's been trying to chase his hindquarters as if he's irritated and something's back there. He is nervous, pacing and unsettled. The vet checked him over and isn't quite sure. They gave him an antibiotic shot in case it was a bladder or urinary tract infection. And they expressed his anal glans. If you're not familiar with this precious procedure, I hope you'll enjoy this video. Apparently, even I can perform this little act at home. Just before dinner or drinks, for added enjoyment. He's feeling a bit better.
  • We are thankful for all of those in our lives who help us out -- from our friends and neighbors who check on Mason while we're away to those who text us, phone us, email us and work and live with us. We appreciate our friends and how much good they bring to our lives.


Ur-spo said...

I remember our pooch needing anal glands expressed. No fun for anyone but it is helpful.

I hope your chest cold gets well soon too.

BosGuy said...

Enjoy Bear Week in Ptown. I just returned and posted a few entries and pictures from my time there. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here and I hope it remains that way for you while visiting.

Rick said...

I've never expressed Bandit's glands. I take him to the vet to get it done. I know he needs it when he starts scooting around on the rug.

Lemuel said...

The other thing I think of with Mason is whether he is developing bladder stones. Our first dog (about age 4 or 5) started losing control and the vet thought it was just bladder infections. It turned out to be a bladder stone - a nasty calcium deposit nearly the size of a golf ball.

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Have a great time in P-town!

Anonymous said...

Well, yea..I get the NPH thing...

Except you are better looking :-)

Love, FFB

Anonymous said...

Hope the pup is feeling better soon and you guys have fun on the east coast! BTW- Hot photo from last year!