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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Final Day

Today is our last full day at Bear Week 2010 in Provincetown.
  • We've seen far more of these than last year: Lesbians, children, strollers, tour/bus groups, hot straight men with their girlfriends.
  • We attend the Tea Dance at the Boat Slip each afternoon from 4-7pm. It's been unbelievably crowded....thousands each afternoon.
  • Did you know that a leaf blower can actually be used on stage in a production in a person's mouth?
  • I was called a sexy Metrosexual yesterday.
  • We saw the Varla Jean Merman show last night -- a staple here in P-Town. Excellent!
  • Walking through narrow city streets in the midst of thousands of people in a group is difficult. You really have to adopt a "No Rules" sort of plan -- where anybody can do anything at any time. No rules. No hard feelings. No biggie.
  • We typically drink about 50% of our annual alcohol consumption during these seven days. I actually think we've been a little better this year.
  • I'm amazed at the dollar amount spent on a single cocktail or on a single restaurant entree. It's not for the financially weak of heart.
  • Most of the shops are staffed by foreign workers -- I remember last year they told me they were from South Africa and Eastern Europe. Many struggle with their English. They also work more than one job per day....some even three jobs. They are here from May-November.
  • My neck is nearly broken from trying to spin it in multiple directions at any given time....there's just so much to see....if you know what I mean. (Umm.....Bradley from Texas.......that's all I have to say....).
  • We've met all sorts of people from Boston, Vermont, New York City, England, the Midwest, Washington DC...and the list goes on. (Those damn British failed to pay back my husband for the added cost of the one meal they had with us.......).
  • Daddy had a shave in the Bear Barber Shop by a hot guy. You should have seen the hot men lined up for shaves -- GGrrrrrr.......
  • Dessert is my friend.
  • I have stopped more times than I can count to say hi to the hundreds of pooches in the streets. I've had two of them on their backs with all fours in the air....the dogs...the DOGS!
  • My tee-shirt fetish has been properly embellished this week.
  • My Husband has received far more attention from the attractions of others than I have this week.


Blair said...

Next year we will bring the stroller and child.....

Today is our final Tea Dance of the year.....boo!.

Still laughing about the leaf blower among other things.

You are a sext metro sexual at that!

I have never walked as fast as back to the house as we did in the pouring rain. Kind of sexy!

Derrick, may we have our bar bill, please?

Back to work to pay the bill!

Speaking of shops....one last day of shopping!

Note to self: Call Chiropractor when we get home to fix neck aches...is Bradley a Chiropractor?

And the ones from the Pacific Northwest are the weirdest!

What time does the barbers open?

Coconut cake at Art House....yumm!

Is Mason still the cutest?

My underwear fetish has been properly embellished this week.

Not sure I have received far more attention from the attractions of others than you have this week.....although I have noticed a few more gropes and stares than last year....hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Watch your neck...AND the Brits!

Anonymous said...

Um, I saw something about a Bear Barber Shop, a Daddy and a shave?

Dave2 said...

Your husband's probably receiving so much attention because he has the good sense to have a sexy Metrosexual for a husband. It's a good look for him!

Princessa lil mexico said...

Next year I'm coming with you so that the attention. LOL Looks and sounds like you boys had a blast there! Love ya, mean it!

BosGuy said...

Glad you liked Varla's show. I saw it earlier in the season and enjoyed it too. I hope to see the Susan Boyle show when I go back. Enjoy the day - the weather is spectacular.

Anne said...

so i WOULD fit in? funny stuff.

i loved the video you posted around the pool, and you have described well the aura in the town. i'm seeing you and those pups and i get a smile........

and your husband? one H-O-T young man. then again, you are one H-O-T young man to attract him!

Lemuel said...

Bears and dogs and twisted necks. That sounds oh so delightful! *sigh*

Rick said...

Glad you enjoyed P'town. It's such a great town. I've got to get back there soon.

Yes it is pricey and there's definitely lots to "see". I actually prefer the fall when it's less busy.

Will said...

You two party in great style! I've always loved P'town although, like Rick, I prefer the fall which is a magical season on Cape Cod -- and there's STILL lots and lots to see!