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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 1969

Anybody remember this day? I do. Black and white Magnavox television, rabbit ears perched atop angled just right, and we three kids and my mom piled around the set in our living room. If this video doesn't get you, I think you're minus something inside. It should get you. It should remind you, change you, cause you to challenge our world today. We have so much now. But, yet, we have so little. This was one of the world's greatest days. Today we're used to these sorts of technology challenges being met with ease -- and they happen so frequently that our senses have become blurred, tempered, dulled. Let this take you back. 41 years ago today.


Ur-spo said...

I am ashamed to admit I remember it as it interrupted my usual TV programmes - all channels had it - I thought it unnecessary.

Lemuel said...

I recall it vividly. I had no TV at my summer apt and I was invited to the farm house of parishioners, fed a big bowl of homemade ice cream, and watched this broadcast on B/W TV while fielding the most important question of the day: "Didn't I think that this was all fake?"

It was in a area of PA in which people still rarely finished high school and often had no indoor plumbing.

Rick said...

I was too young to recall it but apparently my parents sat me down to watch it as a toddler. Hard to believe it was 21 years ago. I didn't hear anything on the news about the anniversary. Hmmm.

Stephen said...

Well yes, I remember it really well. My family was invited to watch it at friends with a brand new TV. Our TV not only had rabbit ears, the ears had tin foil connecting them. A smart look.