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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid-Winter Meanderings

Whew. My niece's MRI for the conditions I mentioned in my earlier post showed normal! Normal. Subjective, I know. But nonetheless, no physical issue going on in her brain. Great news. The bad news is that it is a psychological issue. She's had a tough life. And I've always counted her as able to get over things probably a little more quickly than she apparently has been able to. She is going to be visiting with several psychiatric doctors to get this thing ironed out. I'm thankful. I'm hopeful. But I'm still not completely happy.

We did the unthinkable last night. Seriously. It's been years since we've gone to a real live mainstream movie theater to see a movie. You see, Portland is filled to overflowing with all sorts of independent theaters where you can take your pizza, beer, burger, whatever into the theater and watch a movie. They charge $3 for the movie and then you buy your food. You sit on couches, big soft chairs and the like. So that's typically the theaters we end up at. If our friends hadn't given us certificates to go to a real theater, we would not have. Are you kidding? $10 admission plus another $10 or more per person for treats? Umm, nope. Back to the movie at hand, we saw The King's Speech based on the true-life story of King George VI during the 1930s-1940s. Amazing. Brilliant. A must-see.

I'm nearly at the end of ten days with congestion, a sore throat, coughing and zero energy. Thankfully, it is just about gone and I can get myself back to work. I pushed and shoved myself back to yoga yesterday. It felt great but, boy oh boy, my energy has been seriously lacking. And this New Year's Resolution thing has the gym and parking lot hopping. Wow. Lots of "I have to be in the gym in January" people there. My favorite thing about going yesterday? Probably when my yoga guide Carla said, "I wish you peace, peace, and more peace." I think we all need a little more of that. A lot more, perhaps.

Our airline has new uniforms which we'll be transferring over to on January 28. I've been a little hesitant about them....the sizing, color, fabric, lack of practical options as far as shirts go, and that sort of thing. But they have now arrived after a six-month wait. They are currently at the tailors being fitted and should be ready to roll soon! They do look good, I must admit. It's been more than ten years since we've had new uniforms to sport in the Friendly Skies. Coffee, tea, or me??

We're in the middle of heavy chat about what to do for our vacation this year. Money. Timing. All of that. Our list is very long of things we'd like to do -- narrowing it down to a do-able, financially-good-fit option is the tough part. We have more vacation time available than money to do vacations with. Plus, I've got several large bills that I'm trying to get a prudent handle on this year....and that has my attention more than even taking a trip somewhere.


Ron said...

Glad to hear that your niece's problems aren't physical. I hope that her psychological situation is resolved soon.
A movie theater with sofa's an eats? Sounds like home to me. I would rather wait a month or two and watch a Netflix DVD on my own home TV that traipse out to a movie theater with "who knows who has been sitting on what couch dripping what food?" couches. That's not for me. In fact, I have to push myself to go out at all, the homebody that I've become. Tomorrow night is the weeking Friday Night Dine Out Group meeting. I should go but I'm debating if I want to drive six miles in the dark to Rehoboth Beach and look for a parking place to have dinner with a bunch of old gay guys (like me.) I enjoy their company but I hate to gear up for all that activity in going out.

Mike said...

The King's Speech is next on our list...perhaps this weekend? We went to see The Fighter on Sunday, and it was the first time we'd set foot in a movie theater in more than a year (since we saw Avatar in 3D). First, The Fighter is amazing...brilliant performances all around, and one boxing scene that was so beautifully choreographed and directed that it brought tears to my eyes. We have become so spoiled by NetFlix - movies delivered directly to the house: no obnoxious people talking behind you, no hearing the endless "crunch crunch crunch" of someone eating popcorn, no sticky floors, etc. Yup, I'm spoiled.

Sending thoughts of "peace, peace, and more peace" your way, and in the direction of your niece as well.

Rick said...

I'm glad your niece's MRI came back "normal" - I guess. Odd. I'm still holding her in my prayers.

Good luck with the uniform. You'll have to post a picture once it's back from the tailors.

And keep us posted on your vacation destinations.

Lemuel said...

I've seen the trailers for the movie. I'm wondering how historically accurate it is and whether they gloss over his political ideology.

Wayne said...

Now I've heard you say you haven't had time to go camping. And now you say you have more vacation time then money.
Welllllll, camping is a very inexpensive vacation, and you get all that good outdoorsy back to nature stuff.

BosGuy said...

Glad to get an update on Emilee and happy to read about the MRI. Hopefully with help she'll pull through with the rest.

I'll bypass the uniforms until you include a photo of you in the new duds... (that's a not so subtle request BTW).

Do tell where you finally decide going for some R&R. Last week I booked a trip to Puerto Rico for next month. When living in New England its sort of a pre-requisite to head someplace warm if you can swing it to escape the cold and snow.


christopherc said...

Great news about your Niece's MRI, hope the mind heals from its wounds quickly and she feels better soon!

New uniforms- I hope you'll post photos of yourself in them when you get them. Of course you're hot in or out of uniform!! As for teh coffee, tea or me reference, I would take you over either of the other two treats in a flash!

We're discussing vacation as well, about to embark on a working vacation that we really can't afford to take, nor can we afford not to take... but, we all need those moments to relax and refresh our lucidity.

LSL said...

I vote for a pic of the new uni as well. And very glad to hear your niece's MRI was clear and that she's getting some help for the psychological part. We all need help sometimes.

Happy new year, cutie pie. The energy will come back as the bug vacates your system. Wasn't your yoga teacher's message perfect? Thanks for sharing. I needed that. xo

tornwordo said...

Good news on the niece. I've never been to a theater as you described, but it sounds fun!

CJ/Rick said...

I hope your niece gets the help she needs.
I saw the King's Speech as well and it was a joy. Yeah I went to a matinee for 7.75 and spent 10.50 on a medium coke and popcorn.
Vacations do take some planning during these uncertain ecomnomic times. I get 5 weeks and really should only travel on one of those.

Greg said...

I hope you;re feeling better. That nasty sinus bug has been making the rounds everywhere, it seems. I battled a minor case whereas my partner lost his voice and was told by his dr. to stay home for a week.

I think we're seeing The King's Speech this weekend. If you get a chance, see True Grit. Excellent!

Cubby said...

Theaters with couches and burgers? I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder if that is just a Portland thing, or a west coast thing.