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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End of May

  • Glee.....I could have done without it.  More and more throughout the season, I am less enamored with the little kiddie Glee clan.  Some of the scenes are so contrived and don't seem real with little rich, pretentious white kids performing them. 
  • My sister is coming to Portland for Pride.  It will be her first ever Pride.  She's going to help us out in our company's booth at the festival and march in the parade with us!  I'm wondering if it will be wet or dry. 
  • We're going camping for one night with some friends way out East of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge.  Out where it is sunny and dry.  (Portland averages 37.5 inches of rain per year.....The Dalles receives only 14.5 inches.....)
  • I have been able to assist in the training class of brand new flight attendants.  Our first new FAs in three years.  
  • I am finalizing plans to attend Bear Week in Provincetown in July.  
  • I have a friend who performed CPR on an 83-year-old man on one of our flights the other night.  The flight diverted to an alternate airport.  The man passed away.  
  • We have friends moving into our building today.  They have had their eye on one of the last units remaining to be sold in our condo building.  Today, it becomes theirs!
  • Clear, concise communication is hard to come by.  
  • Two gay men were beaten up while holding hands in downtown Portland.  Amazing, considering that it happened here.  Except for the fact that Portland pretty much welcomes all sorts of folks -- and this is the byproduct. 
  • We are struggling to get more than one single day of sunshine so far this season.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We did finally break 70 degrees. 
  • The cemetery next to our condo is getting all primped and trimmed for Memorial Day. 


Greg said...

I agree about Glee. This season was so hit and miss, and the finale was a let down. Though I enjoyed the theater where they performed -- because it's actually right here in Long Beach, CA. Shh . . . don't tell anyone.

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy bits and pieces posts like this one; it keeps me abreast of your news.

CJ/Rick said...

I hope your friends make good neighbors.
I like seeing the cemetaries decorated but I hear some say it's a waste.
New FA's? I hope it's because business is booming.
I've watched Glee a few times. It's a bit precious. It's no Fame.
I wish I could send you a week of sun and 90 degree days.