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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tax Deductions II

It will come as no surprise to most of you that I struggle with families having far too many children, using far too many of our world's resources, contributing too much to noise pollution, putting too many disposable diapers in the landfills of the world -- all while I'm paying for their Mommy and Daddy to actually receive tax deductions that I pay for.  I'm a big fan of actually charging parents to have children after a certain number in order to pay for all that those particular families remove from this earth.  And it is quite clear that those of us who are single, or have chosen to not have children for whatever reason, are left to pay for those who have more children than they need.  Enough....read this article if you want more of my obnoxious, soapbox opinions. 

Most of this nation's school systems are in big financial trouble.  They are not properly funded.  They are mediocre at best.  They are overburdened with the aforementioned "too many" children from families who are not able to financially contribute their part to keep the whole thing going.  It's a total mess.  And not a new problem.  What I get upset with is that we.....governments from national down to city.....continue to try and figure out new ways to simply gain more money......and rarely do the unthinkable....cut spending, cut poor teachers, cut cut cut.  I mean seriously, if my personal home budget isn't working, I have to cut spending or raise extra cash.    We are interested in just tossing money at projects, schools, and budget shortfalls each few years....wishing, hoping, dreaming that it will get better.  Wise up!  It won't.  The simplistic, unrealistic, thinking that money will solve problems is unwise.  And that goes for this schooling issue or any other one.  I'm all about fixing problems, the root of the problem, and moving on.  I'm about removing poor performers, dead weight, bad people and projects that require too much money.  We are always focused on money money money.  And not on education, education, education. 

A few years ago my Multnomah County voted in a "temporary" three-year property tax to "help save the schools."  $300 per year from me for three years in a row.  Remember, I do not have children.  $900 total for the temporary three-year deal.  Guess what....it didn't fix the trouble.  Two days ago, the fine folks of my city voted in another property tax hike to keep the schools going.  Averages are guessed at $400 per year per household increase in property taxes.  Remember, I do not have children.  So, simply because I'm a homeowner, I have to pay up.  Weird.  Just doesn't make sense.  Meanwhile, the procreators who have chosen to not use condoms and now have four, five, six or more children in school actually receive a deduction from their annual taxes.  Humm.  Sumthin' just doesn't add up.  We're out of balance.  I'm not happy.  Nor should I be.  It won't fix the problem.  We will be trying this again in a few years...more money more money more money.

I'm tired of tax deductions being paid for by folks like me.  I believe in those who use services, systems, or resources actually being the ones who pay for the products.  Am I asking too much?


Cubby said...

I'd be happy to pay taxes if only they would treat us like equal citizens. You know, give us the right to marry, etc. Until such time, we 2nd class citizens should be exempt.

Ron said...

Perhaps my Number One complaint. The high school taxes is the main reason we left our beautiful hilltop home in the woods of southeastern Pennsylvania, we could no longer afford to pay the every increasing school/property taxes which were increased at the rate of 15-25% a year. Unforuntantely for us, a childless, gay couple, we lived in the number one school district in Pennsylvania to which many families with children flocked to take advantage of the schools. The schools were growing so fast that when we left for Delaware in 2006 (low taxes that DON'T INCREASE EVERY YEAR) they were working on building the third middle school. I'm not saying we shouldn't pay any taxes but why should we have to pay such high taxes when we have NO CHILDREN in the school system. What really galls me (and I don't hate kids) is the fact that kids often eat free at restaurants (yes, even here in Delaware) and receive other freebies even though they take much more attention and care. Yes, we subsidize the families with too many children and yet we're not allowed to get married to enjoy the same tax benefits and protections as heterosexual couples. This is like an open sore to me.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not asking too much. I agree with you on just about every point made here!

wcs said...

User fees? You sound like Ronald Reagan! ;)

Many parents who can afford it send their kids to private schools. Then they vote for candidates to cut their taxes 'cause they don't like paying for the poor people's public schools. Hey, they don't use 'em, why should they pay? And, as you point out, these new emergency taxes are too little, too late, and won't solve the fundamental problem.

I believe in taxes. I believe that we are all in this together and we all should pay (in accordance with our means) to the benefit of all. After all, it benefits everybody to have a healthy and well educated population, right?

Or maybe not, because Americans keep voting to cut taxes thereby creating an ever-increasing unhealthy, uneducated lower class to clean their toilets and serve their burgers and direct their calls and check them out of the mega Walmart.

Then one day, their jobs go overseas and they get to join the subclass they helped to create.

/rant. Would you like fries with that?

BosGuy said...

I have no problem with the tax deductions provided the parents actually fulfill their parental responsibilities... e.g. >> teach their children manners, are actively involved in their education, provide a loving and nurturing environment. It would be great to make the tax deductions contingent upon maintaining certain criteria other than giving birth.