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Monday, June 06, 2011

And So Begins June......

Summertime......ugh, maybe, wait for it, perhaps....is it here?  Perhaps.  We had two days of 80 or more over the weekend....first time since last August.  It felt quite good, the warmth on the skin.  We ventured 100 miles east of Portland up the historic Columbia River Gorge to camp for one night with our buddies who had traveled from Idaho.  They graciously opened up their fifth wheel trailer and allowed us to stay with them.  It made camping so so so much easier.  We stayed right down on the Columbia River at Maryhill State Park on the Washington side of the river.  The river is at it's peak flow right now....super high, super fast because of snow melt and spring rains.  The cliffs above the river there are sheer rock, straight up to the farm fields up on top.  I suppose they were formed a zillion years ago during an ice age sheering off of sorts or something along those lines.  Needless to say, it is some seriously amazing country to enjoy.

I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the most exciting meetings ever at work recently.  A meeting that our airline's Maintenance and Engineering Departments holds every single morning, seven days a week, at 8am.  The room was filled with about 20 folks who are in charge of our airplanes, maintenance, broken aircraft, engines, parts, mechanical issues, etc.  In addition, there were maintenance heads from all over the country on the conference call.  It was flawless, speedy, and proceeded like a well-oiled machine as they spoke about this aircraft, that broken plane, this part, that issue, this particular heavy check, etc.  I couldn't believe how hands-on and intricate they were.  Spot on.  Didn't miss a beat.  And clearly had the airline's best interest in mind -- getting the aircraft back in the air, safety and professionally.  I'm sure my head was spinning in circles as I listened and watched them.  It was so cool.

I've pissed off some very good friends of ours.  No surprise, is it....Me pissing off people??   My strong opinions and mouth to go with it don't always bode well for others.  I'm aware of that.  I own that.  I can handle that.  But, still, pissing off one's friends isn't the best thing to be doing.  It was nothing directed at them in particular but spoke to a wider audience.  I was standing up for our most junior of flight attendants and simply brought to light some issues that we have going in our work ranks right now.  I believe that speaking up for what one thinks isn't quite right -- especially for those who need to be spoken up for -- is the right thing to do.  I'm sure that the phrase "It wasn't what you said but how you said it" could easily apply here.  Point is that we are all entitled to our own opinions, viewpoints and such.  We should make those judgments professionally with a well-rounded and balanced approach.  No one else has to agree with us.  And we should feel good about that.  So now I'm moving on to my stomping out brush fires duty.  Man oh man, I've got a lot to learn. 

Next week is Portland PrideMy sister is coming over from Idaho for it.  It will be her very first Pride ever.  And it will my very first time that my sister and I have ever marched in a Pride parade together.  Excitement mounts.  We're going to be super busy setting up our company's booth at the festival, helping organize the group marching in the parade, and all of that.  And with any luck, we won't have torrential downpours to deal with.  

Bear Week in Provincetown is coming closer, closer, closer.  I have mixed feelings about it but I am going by myself this year.  We had decided after last year's trip that we were probably not going to go -- financial, amount of time needed off, and several other reasons.  As time went on, Hubby encouraged me to feel free to go alone if I chose to.  So I am.  But I'm still wondering how it will feel to be at Bear Week all by myself without him.  I mean, I will be in a house with a bunch of our good friends .... but Hubby and I have created some great memories of our very own there.  It's just going to feel a little different than normal.  And, I have tickets to see the one and only, the world famous,  Pam Ann who will be performing at Bear Week.


Greg said...

I haven't traveled up the Columbia River Gorge since I was little. We have relatives in Washington and drove up there every other summer. Such a beautiful area!

Writer said...

I just watched Into the Wild last night, and you're first paragraph totally reminded me of that. I crave the woods and the river. :)

As for pissing off your friends, your friends should accept you for who you are and accept that you haven't different opinions and at least tolerate them even if they don't agree. And, if they ARE indeed your friends, they'll get over it sooner rather than later.

As for Bear Week, sorry, you AND your hubby can't go together. :)

BosGuy said...

1) Enjoy the summer and pride with your sister. Its pride week here in Boston and we are making the most of the good weather too.

2) If this person is a friend they will know that even if they disagree with you - that your intent is good. Friends who agree 100% on everything are boring. Appreciating our differences is part of loving someone.

3) Enjoy Pam Ann and your time in Ptown. I have no doubt it will seem strange, but I hope the both of you can enjoy the time apart. Distance can make the heart grow fond I suppose.

CJ/Rick said...

The camping sounded great. You've got so much beauty around you. I'm glad you're not having 105 degree days and drought.
Have fun with your sister in town.
Bear Week alone? What's he thinking?
I used to ride Pam Ann quite frequently as a teenager.

Ur-spo said...

The definition of mental health (for some) is the acceptance of ambivalence viz. being able to hold I love you but you drive me nuts feelings at the same time. Human beings are lousy at keeping each other happy; we irritate and disappoint. True friends/love hold this and survive.

LSL said...

This has been the most lackluster spring/summer since I moved here. I'm ready for some permanent sun.

No surprise it's hard to be away from your awesome hubby, but I think you'll have fun out in P-town. :)


bardelf said...

The Columbia River gorge sounds awesome!

The New Flops Boy said...

It is unbearably hot here already...and we are in a drought...thirty miles away, they are flooded form the Mississippi River...we've broken records for heat the last three days...it's more like mid-July than June...watering every day...even watering the grass!

So, bottom line, I am HOT!!! ;-)

Love you, FFB

BosGuy said...

Are you doing okay? You've been quiet online and wanted to check in on you.


Ron said...

You have company with pissing off your friends because of your intemperate remarks. I just did that this week when a couple of my old (same age) buddies would't accompany me to the Olde Time Photo place in Rehoboth because "they didn't feel like it." I mentioned in my blog that I should get some "younger friends" who aren't fat and old and hate to walk. Oh yes, I said it. Opinionated I am. So what happens? They invited me to go to dinner with them the next night. One of them prefaced his remark "I know what you said in your blog but would you like to come with us?" Okay, now I felt like a real schmuck. But we did walk to the restaurant. Hey, that's progress. But I will have to watch HOW I say certain things. I too have a lot to learn, even in my advanced years (69 - I still can't belive I'm this old.)

Mark in DE said...

Have fun at Pride and Bear Week!! Go see Miss Richfield 1981 while you're there!