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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hating the Gays....Or at Least Their Money

It has happened before.  And it's happened again.  Yes sir, in the year 2013.  Over the years, we've had a variety of unknown people come into our house.  For bids and estimates, to look at projects, whatever the need is.  And if you're gay, you'll know precisely what I'm talking about when I say that it can be a bit uncomfortable from time to time.  You just never know what is going to happen until the person is there and you're saying, "Thanks for coming over.  I'd like you to meet my partner....."  The unknown.  I always scour websites and advertisements for little Christian fish or crosses.  Or references to "The Lord" or "Church" or what have you.  It's best simply to avoid it right from the beginning if possible.

So here's the gig -- we were collecting bids for repainting our entire condominium.  A big job and we wanted it done right.  I had three estimates set up for last Friday.  10am, 1pm, 2pm.  1pm guy scared me to death because I couldn't communicate with him or ask him any questions....and his bid seemed far under what it should have been.  He walked in, walked out, and put an erroneous weird low-ball figure on a piece of paper.  The 2pm guy was  Michael Knight from Performance Plus Painting in Gresham, Oregon.  I had emailed with Michael Knight a time or two before the bid -- he wanted inside pictures of the condo before arriving.  He seemed pleasant.  In fact, he seemed highly knowledgeable and super smart on the whole thing.  He left around 2:30pm Friday and promised us a bid "Before the end of the day or first thing tomorrow morning."  To put it bluntly, no bid ever arrived.

I did a bit of investigation and found Michael Knight's Facebook page.  Nothing overly telling except for his "Likes" of The Bible and Jesus Christ.  And a comment from someone else on his page about "The Heavenly Father."  Now believe me, I grew up in those circles and know them backwards and forwards. 

I emailed him Saturday afternoon asking about it.   No response.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought that his weekend got busy and he needed the first workday back and work to finish it.  So on Tuesday I emailed again.  No response.  And on Thursday my final not-so-pleasant email.  No response.  My Yelp review of Performance Plus Painting followed.

If you're going to not do what you tell me you're going to, you aren't cut out for the job.  And if you're going to do it because I'm gay, I don't want you here anyway.  But for god's sake, be an honest man and say so.  Nothing Jesus hates worse than a lying sack of poo poo calling himself a Jesus lovin' Christian.  I don't think that gay money is as valuable as straight money anyway.

By the way, we hired the most amazing guy in the world to do our painting.  Professional, us being gay not an issue, super prompt, knowledgeable, it's all set up and will be done next week.  So there Michael Knight at Performance Plus Painting in Gresham, Oregon.  Take your straight dollars and shove 'em right up your........oh, look at me....stooping to levels where I shouldn't be........

UPDATE:  After this post was written, I received a response....you can read that post and update HERE.....


Stephen said...

Oh, Jesus H. Christ!

anne marie in philly said...

you see what happened to that florist bitch in WA state? she is being sued for discrimination. no reason a business owner can't be sued in OR also.

oh well, I guess that dude doesn't want to eat, or pay his mortgage. his narrow-minded loss, not yours.

may the contractor you chose do an excellent job!

Blobby said...

if you're calling out the bad guy, you should call out the good guy. Give him the props, give him the business

Honestly, I have no idea if Michael whatshisname dinged you for that. So many contractors never come through w anything. Hell, I have had a GREAT electrician who has done work for me over the last 9 months....he STILL has yet to invoice me, even though I request it. They're just not great businessmen.