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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Want to Get Fresh With You

I want to get fresh with you. Are any of you old enough to remember that phrase? "I got fresh with him/her." Didn't think so. Today is the day after. The day after the holiday season. The day to sort of regroup, refresh, reenergize. And get fresh, too. Freshen up. Fresh starts. Fresh attitudes. Not that it shouldn't happen every single morning -- but today, for some reason, makes it a little easier to point ourselves in that fresh direction. After our New Year's Open House yesterday, we settled into fresh, clean sheets on our bed. I had jumped out of bed at 6am yesterday morning and ripped the sheets off of the bed in order to git 'em all scrubbed up. Honey asked me what in the world I was doing laundry for at 6am on New Year's Day (a horribly valid question). I just knew that the sheets needed to be washed and that I am in love with climbing into clean ones at the end of a long day. Or a long year, for that matter. And, thus, the washing ceremony.

It worked. The smell, the snuggliness (yes, Virginia, that is a word....I think...at least in my Scrabble world, it is). The year closed itself out with good friends and conversation yesterday during our open house. After the friends had left, and the house had quieted, we climbed the stairs to our freshly made bed. Complete with how this year had better go.....in a fresh direction with a fresh, new, happier-than-hell me. Wanna go down the fresh trail with me? Who knows, I may get fresh with you.
Today was the day that Civil Union certificates were supposed to begin to be issued in the state of Oregon...in fact, at the exact hour. But, our good (Mormon judge appointed by G.W. Bush) friend decided that we were not worthy of having those same equalities extended to us. And that children of same-sex couples weren't worthy of insurance benefits and a properly documented union for their parents. It's not pretty. So, tonight is a candelite vigil in Portland and here are the details if you're in the area:

Wednesday, January 2
The Q Center
69 SE Taylor at Water
Cental Eastside Portland (near City Liquidators)


dbv said...

any resolutions? other than getting fresh i mean!!!

Stacey said...

Happy New Year, I hope 2008 is a very good one for you!

Nathan said...

Good lord man, do you think we're all 5? Of course we know what getting fresh is :D

I want to get fresh with you too! It's a new year and that deserves a fresh perspective. I knew I could count on you to write an inspirational post to start the year. It's just perfectly fitting.

Rodney is the same as you are. He was up at the crack of dawn washing sheets, taking down decorations, giving our home a fresh new start. It's nice. And we were all snuggled up in our fresh clean bed last night.

If I lived in Portland, I'd be there with you tonight. 1 step forward, 2 steps back, as the saying goes.

Lemuel said...

I hope the vigil goes well. So much for blind justice. It seems of late that justice is blinded to truth.

Greg said...

Happy New Year, and sorry to hear about the judge allowing his religious leanings guide his governmental duties. As Thoms Jefferson once said:

Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between church and State.

Trailhead said...

My grandmother liked to tell the story of when she met my grandfather at a baseball game in the early 1930s. "He was fresh," she would say.

Well, they got married a month later, so I guess he must have been.

Java said...

"Don't you get fresh with me, boy, or I'll jerk a knot on you with a rail in a minit." My kids have no idea what that means. My grandma, on the other hand, made sure every child under her influence knew exactly what that meant!

Doug said...

So much fresh! You know you can get fresh with me.

Hopefully we'll get some fresh politicians who know right from wrong.

Anonymous said...

I like being fresh myself and being fresh with others as well!!

I've been following the judge and the CU story pretty closely and have come to the conclusion that this is truly a result of blind justice. Blind to equality of rights, justice and the American Way. Blind to the constitution, Blind to humanity, blind to suffering of thousands every year because their rights aren't protected.

Might the vigil go well, peacefully and be seen for sharing the light of life with those who can't see it. I wish I was there, although I've never been much of an activist this is one of those issues that I do have reason to be more involved in. I wish it weren't an issue, but I and everyone else must take a stand to be seen as a person, a human...best of luck with your efforts.

Laurie said...

MMMMMM! I love to crawl between
the sheets and be all tucked in
tight. Just curl up and burrow in
getting nice and toasty on a cold

I like the word snuggliness.I don't
play Scabble because I always get

Ur-spo said...

'fresh' does have a quaint nostaglia to it.
happy new year ; may 2008 be a better year for you and us all.

Michael Guy said...

I'm all about the 'fresh' in 2008. I am sooo done with 2007. Over it. Through it. Under it.

But then again chatting up a 22-year old at 2:00am New Year's day does that. And I sure as hell got "fresh" with him:

"Here's my phone number; see you around the campus..."

Have a very HAPPY New Year, Lewis. Thank you for being such a positive role model here in the blog-o-sphere! HUG!

Cooper said...

What a wonderful ritual to start the new year! The scent of freshly washed sheets is one of my favourites. Ah, bliss! I will be with you in spirit for that candlelight vigil. How sad that a whole category of humanity is considered less than worthy of basic rights! All in the name of God!