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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scratch 'n Sniff

Smell is such a strong sense of our perception. It can be remembered in the nostril-tied-to-the-brain of our lives forever. Some of my favorites:

  1. Summer Mornings when the dew is drying up from the night.
  2. Candles...Our house doesn't exist without numerous blips of light.

  3. Excellent Food...on the grill wafting across the backyard or in the oven....garlic, bread, cinnamon, onions, peppers. Yum.

  4. Au Natural of a Sexy Man....the unadorned, natural scent of a man is hot. Sweat, plenty of locker room tossed into the mix, a damp t-shirt, plus that natural smell of his body. Less deodorant, less cologne. Woah now, big boy.

  5. Fresh Cut Grass/Hay/Alfalfa in the fields. GGGaaaahhhhhh!

  6. Warm, soft, tender neck of my man....anytime....he smells delicious.

  7. Fresh Laundry straight out of the dryer. Growing up, it used to be off of the clothesline.

  8. Fresh Mint and Fresh Onions still laying in the field in the summer time with a motorcycle between your legs.

Your Eternal Favorites???


Ryan said...

course i go with mikey smell first but then i go with georgia peaches, magnolia tree, honeysuckle and coffee!

bardelf said...

I would exchange the fresh cut grass/hay smell for the smell of the ocean. Clean, salty seaspray opening up the nostrils. Oh baby!

Greg said...

One of my favorites is roasted pumkin seeds. the scent reminds me of Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, leaves falling, and pumpkin pie.

Jim said...

Orange blossoms as the smell wafts through the house. Only lasts about a week.

Beach fire. Implies a wood fuel and a foggy misty night.

Warm cinnamon. Mmmmm... baking.

Pencil shavings (the odd one). Reminds me of passing lumber mills on family vacations and sharpening pencils in the basement while my worked.

Laurie said...

well hell, Ryan took mine! j/k!
I like the smell of my shampoo,
coffee too, cookies, and baby powder.

Sorry Lewis :( I didn't mean to do
that to ya. I will try not to
mention those two names in the same
blog entry again. Forgive me?
ALSO, you didn't wake me at 2:30
yesterday :( I over slept by one
minute. loves ya!!Also, my love to
your hubby!


WAT said...

#4, #6.

Michael Guy said...

"Youth Dew" by Estee Lauder. My Senior Prom date wore it. I thought she smelled like an angel. I can trace that perfume a block away to this day.

Fyi: My mom thought she smelled like a whore. Go figure.

OH! Peonies! Tons of early May Peonies! LURVE that smell!!

CJ said...

The first night on fresh bed linens.
Pipe tobacco cause my dad used to smoke.
Burning leaves. We used to do that once upon a time.
Musty antigue/resale shops.
And don't laugh, PineSol, it reminds me of my school days.

Victor said...

i love the smell of freshly baked bread hot from the oven

D-Man said...

So many of mine are already taken, but it make me think harder, and in doing so it brought the moments back so vividly! Thanks!

The first smell of wood smoke on a crisp, cold night

That indescribable smell of spring in the air after a cold, cold winter

The pungent smell of decaying leaves in Fall

And the hot smell of rain hitting the sizzling pavement in Summer

Lemuel said...

bread freshly baked
the spray of the ocean on the coast of Maine
clover in the fields of PA
ripe strawberries on the vine
a mock orange bush in full bloom
a lilac in full bloom
the natural scent of a clean (not cologned) man.

Joseph said...

First in all honesty, the smell of my man and after that, the aroma of anything baking--cookies, homemade bread, etc.

David said...

I saw that t-shirt several years ago and wish I'd gotten one.

The smell before it rains, like damp asphalt. Reminds me of summer.

Roasting garlic.

The ocean.

Spamouflage said...

The Prairies after a flash storm. It smells of wheat, grass, flax and sunflowers. A very unique smell. It triggers memories of when I first landed in Saskatchewan six years ago.

Java said...

Lots of good ones here. One of my favorite and most meaningful is the smell of fresh cut lumber. Reminds me of the good things about my dad.
And coffee, fresh baked bread, woodsmoke on a crisp cold morning, my man just after he's dried off from a shower, original Old Spice aftershave (that's the smell of my father's father), baked cinnamon anything (rolls, cookies, etc.), musty old books, the earth right before a summer rain, rain pretty much anytime, the combination of outboard motor oil and dead fish that has been cleaned up, yet remains in milder form on my dad's boat, truck, tackle box, rods and reels, etc.
Thanks for the great memories, Lewis!

Palm Springs Savant said...

wow, Lewis. You are right, we had similar posts- great minds I guess. I'm still catching up on all my regular reads. we are kindred spirits I guess!

Ur-spo said...

coffee beans
autumn leaves

BentonQuest said...

I love the smell of the first drops of rain that stirs the dust on the ground. I am also with spo, the smell of chlorine from a pool, but only when it is on your skin. The smell of a spring morning and roof tar. And bees' wax candles.

Joie Mayfield said...

Saw this link on another blog about smells. Fantastic list. The smell of my man's cologne...and the smell of his chest just before sex.

Great post.