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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Music to My Ears

This is a little bit like Jeopardy so let me give you the answers first:

1. Trains....especially in the night, with the window open.
2. Cars passing on a lonely highway...at night when I'm in bed listening.
3. The most awesome of orchestras or symphonys.
4. Wind...the sound it makes rushing through tall pine trees.
5. Geese as they pass overhead in the cold winter sky.

The question? What are my favorite sounds. Yours?


Spamouflage said...

water passing through rocks in a brook. Sounds cliché, I know

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite sound; snow cascading off our a-frame roof in the middle of the night as we're cuddled up warm and snug in bed.

Ur-spo said...

oh this is easy!
Thunderstorms are my favorite.
i like gurgling water, enough to have a small fountain bubbling in my office.
music is always apperciated.
I also like the sound of Japanese flutes.

Tony (LT) said...

1. Insects on a summer night.
2. Dew burning off the grass in the mornings (you really can hear it)
3.heavy rain
4.my grandaddy whistling (back when he was alive)
5. The sound a man makes when you finally push past that second ring.

Billy said...

A thunderstorm rolling in at night, rain on the roof, an Elephant that's talking (low gurgling sound, not the trumpeting), the soft snoring of my hubby early in the morning just before I wake him up with coffee...

Laurie said...

I do like trains...We're right
near the tracks too.

babies laughing

my son talking

thunder storms-not bad ones.

fighter jets

daveincleveland said...

i like the sound of the rain hitting the roof in the middle of the night as i awake, half asleep and just listen, hearing the rain, the muffled sounds of thunder in the distance, just curl myself around my pillows and just escape into a wonderful restful sleep if not just for a few minutes

Lemuel said...

The (for me, rarely heard) sound of someone sleeping peacefully in my arms.
The sound of a glorious pipe organ well played in the midst of a glorious cathedral.
The sound of a babbling brook running full in the spring.

Joseph said...

In "It's a Wonderful Life" George Bailey is telling Uncle Billy that his favorite sounds are train whistles and boat whistles, and Uncle Billy says that his favorite sounds are "Breakfast is served; lunch is served; and dinner is served."

My favorite sound involves water moving. I have three fountains running outside during the summer months, and I always enjoy listening to the rain fall and thunderstorms.

tornwordo said...

Those sound like my five too.

D-Man said...

My father singing me to sleep.

The piercing call of a red-tailed hawk.

The sound of snow crunching under my ski boot.

"I love you"

dbv said...

waves!!! i just love the sounds they make... be it crashing on a rocky coast in ireland or gently lapping along the beach on a caribbean island, i don't think there's a more soothing sound and it touches me to the very depths of my soul each and every time i hear it!!!

Anonymous said...

My nephew's Laugh, rain falling on the roof,wind through the trees, the sound of the creek at our cabin, the deafening silence after a snow storm....

WAT said...

Sound of rain on a Sunday morning. A good grunt, moan, or two after the BIG O.

David said...

That impossible-to-define moment in a musical piece that brings tears to your eyes

a cat purring

wind in a wasteland

waves crashing on the beach

Wayne said...

Rain. When I go to bed. very soothing.