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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Set Your Intention

Set Your Intention. Maybe it's balance. Maybe it's strength. Maybe it's flexibility. Each time yoga begins, the room quiets, the lights are typically off, and the first chords of music emit from the speakers. The room is floor-to-ceiling glass windows on three sides which gives me ample opportunity to stare into the sky .... something that is definitely on my Top 10. We are always reminded that whatever intention we set for our yoga practice that day is to be taken into the rest of our lives -- to home, work, into relationships and into our jobs. Okay, yeah, I'll work on that -- again.

Tomorrow begins (one of my very few) Bachelor Weekends....just me at the pooch for the entire weekend. Horribly rare. I'm looking for peace, quiet.....along with doing the unusual, the atypical. Who knows what will happen.

MIL is not in good shape. We were there yesterday with a home health nurse and an Occupational Therapist. We arrived shortly after MIL had told the OT to get out, that she didn't need her there and had no interest in her little tests and mental scoring systems. They are really concerned that she is living by herself. Her color is terrible and she gets winded simply by standing up and moving around a little. MIL is dangerously close to being moved into a long-term care facility. (A good place to reference my first paragraph in this post above....about setting an intention.)

Next week I have another long four-day trip which will place me in Seattle, Denver, and Chicago for overnights. I can't wait. I haven't stayed in Denver in years and have never ventured out of the hotel in Chicago. And, as you well know, February is a perfect time of year to be in those two cities (ahem).

Sister is flying over to PDX to visit for a few nights with us before we all drive from PDX-BOI with the Pooch for a visit with my family in Boise. It's a long overdue trip to see my family and is usually overshadowed by drama and created-situations here surrounding MIL. We'll see. Good news, though....we're hosting a LOVE-IN on Valentine's Day afternoon. A time of kisses, loving, feeling good and then passing it along. God knows we all need more of that smooching crap.


Stephen said...

One more thing we have in common: YOGA.

I was going to invite you over for a cocktail & hot tub for your Bachelor Weekend (complete with Rose Ceremony), but that does seem to gel with your spiritual quest.

Michael Rivers said...

Your Love In sounds great!

Thanks for the update. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

LeLo said...

We need to get together for a doggie playdate.

Can I make a recommendation while in Chicago? Pop into Frontera for a margarita and dinner: really fun and fantastic place. I love the Windy City! (and the Chicago Institute of Art has the best collection in the country,in my opinion.)

Ur-spo said...

A love-in sounds lovely; will there be amyl nitrate or chocolate?

Princessa lil mexico said...

Dearest Arnoldo,

I am very Jealous of your hosting abilities to your LOVE-IN Valentine's afternoon. Let me know if you need someone to have dinner with when in Seattle! I will always keep happy thoughts for you both! Yahhoo for Sister's! They are the best! Send her my way! Have a great weekend!


Lemuel said...

Have a pleasant bachelor weekend.
Good luck with the MIL. As you know it is a wild ride.

Bridgeout said...

I absolutely am soaking in that opening sentence of this post...

I am hoping that all with your MIL will be cared for in such a way that she feels her dignity in tact, and you both feel your sanity in tact.


Mark in DE said...

Hope you enjoy your bachelor weekend!

annie said...

sounds like we now have 3 situations that need dealt with ASAP. two are similar - loved ones sometimes balk "horribly" at what is suggested of them. i want to make sure i do everything in my human power to give them a chance to continue living safely. ugh.

can't wait to touch down in PDX!

Jake said...

I should really start taking yoga. I've always wanted to and all my friends that do it love it. Your post really reinforced my desire to start it up, so thanks :-P

CJ/Rick said...

Well how was your weekend Lewis? I do hope you go some needed r&r and that you missed your better half terribly.
You're right this is the perfect time of year to visit Denver and Chicago--this this week too. Lucky?
I try and keep in mind your positive yoga vibes.