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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Albany Metropolitan Area, New York

There's simply no time for rest
Dan, George, Don, Brian, Louie, Jay, Fran and J.P. are the best

My New York extravaganza continues with more
So far, I haven't met a bore.

My cat-hair covered clothes are being washed at the moment
The pussies haven't been much of a torment

I got here just in time for the 90 degrees
And unlike back home, there are still no leaves on the trees

We ate in Catskill at a lesbian-owned joint for lunch
There's still more eating to be done, I've got a hunch


Anonymous said...

Oh, sounds like you're having heaps of fun.

Blair said...

Have you been drinking?

fkramer1 said...

Glad you're enjoying the visit. Sorry about exposing you to too much pussy :-(

Greg said...

Hooray for poetry! and it sounds like a wonderful time!!

Bridgeout said...

I like Blair's comment! ;)