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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Internet

The Internet. I swear. It's good for so much more than Craigslist or ManHunt or other such activities. It's like everything else in life....you take the bad with the good. The good is this ---

I would not be where I am tonight without the internet. I am sitting in Westerlo, New York, in a warm and wonderful home. With my friends and hosts, Don and George. Without the internet, I would not be here. They have treated me so well....my bed is warm, they had a delicious warm meal on the table last night when I arrived, and they are so easy to be around. I love you, Mr. Internet.

Today's lunch was at a great little place on Lark Street in Albany. I met another new friend Dan, enjoyed very easy conversation, and plenty of high-energy bantering back and forth, over and over. And then a trip across the street for drinks outside on the patio (until the rain drove us indoors to finish our afternoon). It's a excellent way to spend a weekday afternoon.

And tonight....another person with whom I would not be friends without the internet. J.P. and I met for chow at a nice little bistro place. I swear, the guy is full of good, solid positive energy. We chatted about airplanes, family history, positive versus negative thoughts, traveling, road trips, our homes and lives, and and and and and. Without the Internet, tonight would never have happened. J.P., thanks so much for your attention to friendships.......I really appreciated your extra effort in making tonight happen and for such a great dinner. I love you, Mr. Internet.

And one more thing......the rental car from Thrifty is a piece of junk. It's one year old and has 32,000 miles on it. It's beat all to hell with scratches, dings, paint failing, and crappy brakes. But at least they treated me with indifference when I rented it at Boston Logan Airport. That makes it better. ....right?

Happy dreams everybody. Tomorrow's a new day. I sort of hate to let this one go.


Stephen said...

What is this Manhunt site? Hmmm...

Lemuel said...

Re: the rental. Do not fret. All those dings and scratches did not come from 32K miles of abuse. They were on the car by the end of its first trip out I-90 from Logan to Framingham. ;)

Enjoy your trip!

Rick said...

The Internet is amazing. Just Facebook alone and I've been reacquainted with some many.

annie said...

isn't it amazing what's available to our fingertips now? twenty years ago you would have had to use a t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e to make reservations and contact people. well, so i've heard anyway.

glad you're having a good time - don't drink too much! you'll forget who your real sister is!

Ur-spo said...

I too am thankful for the internet - how else would I know you, for instance? For that I am most grateful.

LSL said...

Lark Street! I do miss NY occasionally.

I'm so glad you're having a nice time out east. Hugs from home!