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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fresh Beginnings

July 1. Canada day. A new month. And a new blog template and colors. Wild, eh? I've had the same blog template since its beginning in October 2006. And everyone needs a little freshening up from time to time....right?

I've just returned from a Boston layover. My one day off before a six-day stretch of Austin, Phoenix, and several trips to Las Vegas. After that? Bear Week 2010 in Provincetown! Here's last year's memories from P-Town. We're staying in the same house as last year....it's the prior home of the guy who would help turn around the trains at the end of the rail line in Provincetown. If you don't know it already, Provincetown is at the very far end of Cape Cod....protruding out into the Atlantic Ocean. And don't tell the folks over in Plymouth (remember Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims were supposed to have landed first?). But actually Provincetown was the first stop after their journey across the ocean. Shh. You'll screw up history if anybody finds out. We are with a few new friends this year, and minus a few old ones from last year. Change is good.

Once we return from P-Town, Portland's free Summer Concerts in the Parks will be in full swing. We have been going to these for more than ten years now. They run on most nights of the week in a wide variety of parks across the city. We take a picnic, the pooch, and our sand chairs and enjoy. It has become a powerful memory of our years together and reminds us of how much we really dig this city we live in. If you're in the area, you should join us.

I see that Google has become another of the growing number of companies helping to cover the "Imputed Income" that domestic partner's are required to pay for their same-sex health insurance coverages. In case you didn't know it already, I have my domestic partner listed on my health insurance. And he has me listed on his. But since we are not married (and not permitted to be married in the state of Oregon) it means that my employer is required to tack on "Imputed Income" to our taxable income each year. It amounts to about $3,500 for each of us that shows up under additional income. Then we pay taxes on that additional amount. Those of you who are married do not. Unfair. Yes. Thankfully, Google is yet one more company that is helping cover that additional financial burden on its employees. Remember, it's the home of the free and land of the brave.....where we have liberty and justice for some.

Summer time has been slow in coming here. We had one of the rainiest Mays on record. And the wettest June ever. We have had one day reaching 80 so far. The rest have hovered in the 60s and 70s. Personally, neither of us mind it. We're not prone to the throws of depression or that sort of thing when the grey and clouds hang around forever. But, come on, toss us a little bone here. Just a little sumthin'.

I have a growing collection of hats. A few of the baseball variety. But even a few more of the variety that you'll see in this picture. Of course the red one is from Portland's Red Dress Party and I've simply added the others to the collection over the last few months. I sort of like them.


ShawnyBoy said...

I like the new blog look! The colors & format are awesome!

I hope you guys have a wonderful time up at Bear Week! Please send me any and all pictures that are not fit for Facebook. ;-)

I'm loving the hats!! You look great in hats!! Keep the collection going!

Nick UK said...

No sun and you still got a burned bum!!

I thought my computer was playing up, but yes I like the new look.

I'm very envious of your proms in the park, nothing like that where I live, just cows.

anne marie said...

love the new look! and I WANT the red hat...it would look downright smashing on me!

PS - we just had the hottest june EVAH on record!

anne marie in philly

Kelly said...

love the new look... awesome!

Java said...

Wow. Big change. Am I in the right place?

If you need some summertime weather, just head on down here for your fill of hot, humid, and bright. While you're here, I'll sneak off to the PNW to enjoy that weather.

Those hats look good on you. I like that style.

Ur-spo said...

There is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the da. It looks fab.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Lovin' the new look and those hats? Fab!

Greg said...

I miss Boston.

Like the new blog template. I've been thinking of changing mine, too.

Rick said...

Back to Massachusetts so quickly huh? Couldn't stay away.

tornwordo said...

Funny I've been contemplating getting a hat too. Does it mean we're officially over the hill though?

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Dig the new blog look - and love the hats.

David said...

Blog looks nice. Enjoy your summer plans.

You can never have too many jaunty hats. You can, though, have too many baseball caps, IMHO.

Stash said...

I like the new look.