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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck for President....And Other Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging

Holy moly. I was really on a nice roll there for a bit with my writing. Geez. Been working like a bad boy over the past 5 days as this cute little map will show you.

My MIL has been approved for Medicaid benefits and will be moving from her current nursing facility to a permanent assisted living facility relatively soon. She's a pill, there's no doubt about that. Doesn't like this, doesn't like that, nothing is ever quite right. LoverBoy has been inundated with paperwork, phone calls, emails and the ins-and-outs of getting all worked out. All by himself. He's had no help or proper assistance from those who should be helping him. But, he's been a trooper, like he always is. He often gets taken advantage of that way.

My head has been spinning with a long thread of thoughts in my brain. Regarding my own personal well being and my evolvement on this planet. Remember that Jet Blue flight attendant dude Steven Slater? I think that he may be living inside me. I've had more than my normal, fair share of strange feelings lately. Its unlike me. And its unpleasant. And its not right. I'm a tough old SOB and something is amiss in the house. You think that you get to be 48 years old and that you now have life by the balls. I'm rethinking that theory. If my thoughts ever formulate into anything other than a bitch session, I'll put them on virtual paper for your perusal. Until then, its nearly all that I'm thinking about these days.

As is the norm, "I can't believe the summer is over and that there are only two more days left of August." Have you ever said that? Ever heard that before? Thought so. Me too. We have invitations to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and a good friend's birthday bash in Palm Springs in the next month or so. I'm not sure that we'll make either....but we're trying. We are in the middle of the arduous process of trying to refinance our condominium. Plenty of details and pieces to put together for that to happen -- but there's a good chance that we're going to trim some cash off of our monthly mortgage. Smiles all around.

And on a final note, I think Glenn Beck would make a super dooper amazingly delicious new President for the United States...don't you? He would fit right in nicely with the simplicity of thinking in our glorious nation. Did you know that he struggled with "attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder"? Nah, I wouldn't believe it either. (Side note: He's 2 years younger than me.....please tell me that I look better than him....please, please......)


fkramer1 said...

Holy crap, dude, Joe, Jay & I were just saying that about August! Don't worry - you'll sort it all out, or not. Just remember - you're stuck to a rock which is hurtling through space. When I remind myself I'm a dust mote on a grain of sand spinning through a lotta nothing, it gives me perspective.
Oh, and Glenn Beck has crazy-eyes. You have sweet eyes. Very sane. Very, very sane. :-)

anne marie said...

a steaming pile of mason's shit looks better than GB!

sorry to hear that blair is being dumped on AGAIN for mama's well being; where the hell are his brothers?

we just went thru refinancing ourselves; 4.75% interest and $500 savings per month.


Lemuel said...

I loved Anne Marie's comparison. Fitting. And accurate.

My heart goes out to your husband in dealing with his mother and with the nursing homes. Sadly I know that it will not go away once she is admitted to the new facility. It is an ongoing nightmare of fighting a bureaucracy hydra. My best to you both as you deal with it all.

Perhaps I had life by the balls at 48. If so, it was only for a twinkling of an eye. I can't remember back that far now. ;)

LeLo said...

Glenn Beck is a tool. You, my friend, are a gorgeous man with a beautiful heart.

Don't forget to breathe.

Greg said...

Of course you look better than whatshisname.

BosGuy said...

Much better looking. I don't get physically ill at the sight of you the way I do with Mr. Beck.

Ur-spo said...

Mr. Beck But make a fitting president; he is exactly what this country deserves.

LSL said...

Ebb and flow, that's what I think. And the changing of seasons, or any transition, puts me in the same sort of reflective place. You guys have had a lot on your plate with the MIL. *Hugs*

Anne said...

i will have to abstain from commenting on the issue of my other brother doing so much stuff. it's a political issue i feel very strongly about, but it's also an inappropriate lake for me to swim in.

you? getting crotchety? what? who said? huh? brother, i think your feelings are perfectly normal. just breathe and if you think you need to correct something? work on it. it's a lifelong process anyway, and it's all about progress not perfection!

you DEFINITELY look better than senor beck.