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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fattening Friday (Not So) Funnies

I left Austin, Texas, early this morning. Along the journey somewhere, I grabbed a copy of USA Today and found this delicious little tidbit -- that the USA is the fattest nation among the top 33 nations with advanced economies. Amazing. Nothing surprising, just another reminder of why we fail as a country. The article states that 72 million of us are classified as obese -- more than 30 pounds overweight. As a country we spend $147 billion dollars in weight-related medical bills in 2008. I know, I know...the numbers are very large, difficult to comprehend. I find it incomprehensible that we continue on this path -- allowing our nation's people to be fat, giant, huge! And to spend that much money each year when it most assuredly needs to be going to more necessary projects. We are in trouble as a country...that's no news to anybody. And its not political. Politics are the least of our introspective, internal worries. As a people, we are failing. We're fat. We're ignorant. We don't think. And we're in trouble.

LoverBoy and I have just returned from my doctor's office. I'm in a little trouble here. I've been having some heart sort of palpitations recently. Not really racing of the heart, pain, or pressure...nothing like that. But something isn't right. At the same time, my ears turn fiery red from time to time. I had an EKG today....it looked great. But my blood pressure was the highest ever recorded in my history....160/90. Outrageous. She took it again before I left...it was down a bit. She wants it monitored daily for a week. She also wants a salt-restricted diet, attention to what I'm eating, and exercise. If this doesn't all work soon, and if the blood pressure stays elevated, I'm headed toward blood pressure medications. And I'm really not thrilled about that. In addition, I've been under more stress than I've endured in recent times over this past year. It must be controlled. Changes must be forthcoming.

This weekend will find us moving my MIL from the nursing home she has been in since July into a permanent assisted living facility. A nice spot. A safe and comfortable spot. A very, very teeny tiny spot. With meals, transportation, attention to her medications and bathing and daily needs. Its not so far away, in a good location, and is quite perfect. On this particular issue, we're a bit more relaxed this afternoon than we have been in a very very long time. I have my fingers crossed for her future there. She is rarely happy anywhere over the long term. But it is definitely a step in the right direction. I'd like to think that this is one of many steps in a positive direction in reducing the stress in my life.


Ur-spo said...

I am sorry to hear about the palpitations.
Could this be a sign of stress instead?

Good luck with the move!

Our food is so warped- cheap bad food, rather than healthy food.

Lemuel said...

I hope all goes well with the MIL.

Birdie said...

Take care of yourself, sweetie, so you can take care of the ones you love.

You're a little ahead of me in that stage of life for my parents. But my dad is in the hospital, having fallen for the second time. Next month all of us kids are going down to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday. We take what moments we can to celebrate and slog along through the difficult ones. My heart goes out to you.

Stacey said...

Doc could be on to something. I have a friend who's only symptoms of high blood pressure are anger and anxiety. I know things have been tough for you lately, but perhaps your emotional stress is partially coming from the high BP?

Feel better. Thinking of you.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

SOrry to hear about the heart palps. Be careful, be better. Good luck with the move.

Here in Canada not much better with the food and obesity -- is amazing how easy and cheap it is too eat crap. What is wrong with our systems?

Bridge Journey said...

YES!! I do feel you on this! I have been lamenting this...
"Facebook and Twitter have definitely taken their toll on the blogging world. I miss reading other's sites. And I miss having them read mine."
... for quite some time now.
You always say it like it is arnie!

Princessa lil mexico said...
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Princessa lil mexico said...

You have to remember that some people eat healthier than people. Also take into account that many american's are lazy. Instead of cooking a home-cooked meal, they fill themselves with fast food garbage high in fats and than don't work it off. As well as the portions of food we eat now has changed. "Super-size or making thing a Large combo" is what will kill them,. I really hope the move with the MIL goes well. Love and miss you!

Ryan said...

hey big bro just wanted to stop by make your blog look better by me being here lol!!!

u know i love you!