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Monday, September 27, 2010

Heads Down! Stay Down!

So if you think I was kidding about we air hostesses and the bit of anxiety that we encounter each year when we are required to attend our annual recurrent training, take a look at this amazing video shot from inside the cabin during a planned emergency landing over the weekend. This is what we train for. Rarely able to be captured. But amazing and sends the chills through me. Just last Tuesday, not even a week ago, we went through our annual training in Seattle when we had to shout these practice drills. You just never know when they'll come in handy.

We have just finished two extremely long and tiring days moving my MIL from her old apartment into an assisted living facility 2.5 miles from us. All by ourselves. See, we're big boys now. Its a very nice home, great food, nice people, and small enough to fill intimate....only 38 people live there. We made about ten round trips in our Kia Soul with her belongings and had to borrow a truck from a friend to haul three pieces of furniture. We spent several hundred dollars on odds and ends for her that she needed to have to function well. But she's in. She's 82, cranky, and obstinate. In spite of all of our misgivings and unpleasant interactions, I hope she sleeps well and is happy. I can't imagine having to uproot myself at 82 without ever having to do such a thing in my life. Keep your fingers crossed, kids. She is rarely happy in one spot for any length of time. But, for now, she's settling into a very nice place. And we are exhausted. (And, to think, this was the weekend that I had planned to go to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.....oh, silly me........)

I've been monitoring my blood pressure three times a day since my interaction with my doctor on Friday afternoon. It has stabilized but not completely. The rest of the week will be spent finishing up the myriad of odds and ends from MIL's old apartment, cleaning, getting rid of things, etc. Oh, and that's in addition to work. Work does tend to present itself at the most inopportune times, doesn't it?


CJ/Rick said...

Can I raise my head up now that I've wet and soiled myself? Mercy!

You know you done the right thing helping your better half to move your MIL. A silly street fair of flesh wouldn't do your BP any good either.

Lemuel said...

I recall the work of cleaning out my MIL's apt when she moved into an assisted living facility. No fun. My heart goes out to you.

I've meant to comment - unrelated to the post at hand - how much I love the header pic of you in the long (leather?) coat on the horse at the top of your blog. That's a cool picture!

BosGuy said...

I remember helping my partner as he would review his training manual for his annual recurrent training... I can still hear him reciting those phrases you could hear on the video of the emergency landing.

Greg said...

Glad you moved the MIL without incident. Folsom will come around again, don't worry.

Ur-spo said...

small wonder the BP is elevated - whew!

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Keep your own head up!

Jim said...

I hope things are better for you since this post! {{HUGZ}}

FlipFlopsBoy said...

As Alan said, keep your own head up!

BTW, you look mighty sexy in your shades on the horse!