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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boise Idaho Today

  • Well, it's happened. And all the while we're in Idaho! Wyoming has toppled my home state of Idaho in being the USA's most Red State. Hallelujah. The torch can be passed along.
  • We're enjoying a very relaxing visit at my Mother's house outside of Boise. It has been tainted a bit with MIL's issues back in Portland, my hubby's kidney stone that's waiting to pass, and my not feeling well. I see my mom far too little.
  • I love my sister to death. She has come to far-reaching points in her life...out of dire necessity. I appreciate being able to talk with her, understand her, and know that she is safe and happy. There were days that I never thought it would be possible.
  • MIL is not well. We had to move her out of her brand-new assisted living facility after being there only six weeks or so. The nursing home may be temporary, but probably permanent. She is just needing such a higher level of nursing/medical care. She's sleeping a majority of the time right now. And eating very little. She's angry, she's lashing out, she's irritated that we're in Idaho -- she always has hated it when we're away. Her roommate wants her moved out of the room. She's already called 9-1-1 from her nursing home bed because she "Needed Help." Her mental capacity is wildly erratic and unstable. I must give giant kudos to our new found friends at Providence ElderPlace in Portland. They have been lifesavers with coordinating her care, ordering anything she needed, sending caregivers, and making sure that we are also tended to. Seriously, they have taken us by the hand and helped us down a very rough road. And who says we don't need health care reform.
  • Our drive over was fine but we both did not feel well. What we usually enjoy as a great day was overshadowed by some of the worst rain I've been in for a long time...paying attention to pools of water on the road and Big Rig trucks made it tricky. And neither of us felt well. I'm a little better but have been having daily headaches and aches. The trees all of the way over were so pretty -- framed against the dark evergreens along the cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge and the Blue Mountains of Northeastern Oregon.
  • Hubby has a kidney stone....3mm. He's had right-sided groin/hip pain for a long time and has been trying to get it solved via ultrasounds and several CT scans. So, now the stone has been discovered and must pass. Gawd, we're getting old ..........


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time with your mom.
For the MIL our prayers go out to her. Have a fun trip and hopefully we can connect when you both get back!
Love you both

Gary said...

About that kidney stone: It's an old wives' tale (or rather a middle-aged female co-workers' tale), but -- cranberry juice. Cran-raspberry is okay, too. As much as he can stand -- drink it in place of water, and he should be drinking more anyway.
I thought it was bunk, but when I had a stone followed by an infection, every single female co-worker in my large office stopped by to quietly and knowingly say cranberry juice. Please try it.

Nick UK said...

Sorry you guys are having such a tough time at the moment, hang on in there, take care of each other and things will get better. Oh yes and drive carefully.

Rick said...

Such unfortunate things happening for you. Like the kidney stone, these things shall pass.

Thinking of you.

CJ/Rick said...

You thought the MIL was a pain just wait to your better half passes that stone. Damn. Glad your with loved ones and in an area of fond memories. I hope the weather and all other issues improve for you Lewis.

BosGuy said...

Ouch... not to overlook the rest of your post but your BF has my sympathies; that sounds terrible.

LSL said...

My god, you kids are going through a lot right now. Sending lots of hugs to you both. xo

LSL said...

PS No cran juice for hubby. That's for UTIs and can actually increase the risk for stones. It only works for certain, very rare types of kidney stones, and that's not proven. Just my input. :)