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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wind Knocked Out of the Sails

Well well now, that was rough, wasn't it? Red casting its bloody hue over blue -- making exactly what color? Who knows. I'd say that there are a fair amount of hacked off people in this nation. In all sorts of corners with all sorts of feelings and issues.

I was doing my safety demonstration today standing in mid-cabin when I just happened to glance over my shoulder and down to the magazine that a man was reading. I learn a lot of things that way. All I caught was "An Armed America is a Safe America" before he turned the page to another precious article titled "Armed Citizens Are America's Saving Grace." It is straight out of a publication by you know which group...and I refuse to put a link to it. And then it hit me -- I'm a stranger living in a foreign land. I'm living in a nation where people don't think like me, appreciate me for being who I am, nor care about my rights. Some do, many (most?) do not. Fags are not a respected group in the country of my birth. And it's time that I face that. I've spoken before about the liberal sort of free spirited bubble that we tend to live in here in Portland. And it is exactly that...a bubble. Not reality, except for Portland's. Not an accurate reflection of our country as a whole. Just Portland's own little thing. For which I am highly thankful. I couldn't be happier to live right there. But even here, things are closing in. We are damned close to electing the very first Republican governor in my 13 years here in Oregon. People have had it. They are pissed and full of anger. Not just at Democrats. Everyone is angry with everyone. I've written repeatedly about how I think our world is going to self-destruct sometime. Implode. Dissolve. It can only continue for so long. I easily see a sort of civil war or destruction in this Red, White and Blue Nation. The proud, the patriotic, aren't really so. I mean, it sounds good when the flag is waving, or perhaps when a Lee Greenwood song is playing over loudspeakers, or candles are lit. Or even when a military jet flies over. But the inbred bottom line and reality is that we're fighters, scrapers, schoolyard bullies. We have minimal respect for one another. We like to say we do, but it's quite scant. We'd rather have a gun slung across the cracked back window of our pickup than allow two men to marry. We think that it's more important to allow freedom of speech than to actually invest in the systems of this nation that may keep us afloat. Screw education....that costs money. To hell with the young and old, we just can't afford it. Maybe we should just get rid of Social Security (after all, it was a Democratic-induced social system, don't forget). Apparently our focus is not on helping those who need it.

I told my bigoted far-right Republican step father a few years back that I really have little interest if you call yourself a Democrat or a Republican. The name means nothing to me. What matters is your actions.....toward others, not yourself. What are you actively doing to help others, to make others lives better? What matters is that you take care of those who cannot help themselves. The poor, the young, the old, the mentally and physically challenged. And we're not. We're far more focused on how much money it's going to cost. So, here we are. Rich white people in charge. A few good looking airheaded women for added measure. One nation under god? Nope, I don't think so. There's little about this nation that is "one." And god will have nothing to do with this mess. And we continue to suffer. And suffer we will. Until we cave in. The walls will collapse. They've already begun to.


Wayne said...

You'd probably be surprised to know I have several customers who are thinking about moving to Canada.
They think that the political atmosphere is getting worst, not better, and think they should get out while the gettin is good.
I have wondered the same.
I just wish Canada and Mexico were switched. I hate the cold. :-)

wcs said...

I moved to France seven years ago. I feel more welcome here than I do at home. People respect each other. People take time with friends and family. Work is not the point of life, just a part of it. These people's actions say more about family values than all the politicians in the US combined. Even the right-wingers here would be considered lefties in the US.

It's not utopia. There are big problems with a growing (but nowhere near as big) income gap, globalization is taking its toll, and immigration and terrorism are large issues here.

But in general, people are polite and respectful and believe that good healthy living is more important than the bottom line.

I don't how long it will last, because it's changing. But I'm hopeful that I'll live out the rest of my days in this sane environment and not in the gun totin' lock and load praise jesus place I came from.

Blair said...

Well stated and I couldn't agree more. I don't care if people are Republican or Democrat or Independent or whatever. I know and love friends and family from all sides of the crumbling political party fence that separates our nation.

However, when I find out that one of these friends, family members etc. actively supports a candidate that would not support me and my relationship with my partner (would love to call him my husband, but can't), we then have a different story.

It will be interesting to see what can be done in 2 years. I imagine more of the same. We are all merging on the on ramp trying to go to the same place. If everyone could just slow down and let a few cars in, things would keep moving. I thank our future President Jon Stewart for that one.

Lemuel said...

I have to admit sadly that I agree.

Rick said...

We stayed primarily blue here in Massachusetts. Perhaps you should move here!

anne marie said...

pennsyltucky went red...not by my choosing, I can assure you.

my spouse was laid off last month (from a health insurance company no less!) and he still hasn't found a job.

fear - 1, sanity - 0 this past tuesday.

whoever let the right wingers out of the pandora's box should be shot, cause we can't put them back in the box, load it with cement, and sink it in the ocean.

I don't like the direction this country is taking.

MJJM said...

I think you're over-dramatizing. Every single poll shows white Americans under 35- including those registered as Republican- believe gay marriage should be legalized and DADT should be gone. Asians and Hispanics in the same age groups are not far behind. Which loooks good for the future. The Dems just lost big this time around because this administration flopperooed in so many ways (it's health care and the economy that worries everyone, and rightly or wrongly they feel that this gov't hasn't worked).

CJ/Rick said...

Snap out of it Lewis. God loves you and many others do as well. You're sounding like this guy I work with that says our government will start selling our nations civilians to China for hard labor to reduce the national debt. I'm cereal!
Government moves soooooo slow it's hard to believe anyone actual thinks change is possible in 2 years of an administration. Things could definitely be better though. We are weak as water.