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Monday, December 06, 2010

Nose to the Wind

Or hand to the plow. Or whatever. It seems that if you're a salmon trying your best to swim upstream, the force of the water will do its best to get to you. Or if you're an airplane trying to buck heavy windstreams, that there will be some bumps along the way. No big news to anyone who has tried to make their lives a more pleasant place to be. I'm headed in that direction. Call it what you must -- mid-life crisis or whatever. That's fine. I've alluded several times to the fact that I've had a written list for a while now on things that I'd like to do in my life to make sure I'm going where I want to. Not actual things I'd like "to do"....like Disneyland or Europe or places. Those things come and go far too easily. I'm talking about internal sort of things that I know just are not quite right. Things that I know perfectly well are not in order and need to be. So, last Monday I put the list into a document. I'm refining it. Thinking it through. I want it to be a very fluid list -- with the ability to add to, and take away from, as needed. I've been working on it for the better part of a year. But I'm thinking that New Year's Day 2011 may be a nice time to put it out there. To commit to it. To put it to the next level on life's path. But like many of you already know, once you put it out there, devote yourself to some good cause, that's the perfect time for headwinds to blow even harder in their quest to knock you off course. I'm ready for that. Stay tuned......

We've ventured into the holidays nicely. Just a couple of small, quiet gatherings which is just the way we like it. We usually go to Happy Hour every single Tuesday with a group of friends. Tomorrow, we're having a Holiday Happy Hour right here in our condo. Our home has been awfully quiet since my MIL passed away three weeks ago. Hubby and I have been in a bit of an introspective mode, thinking, wondering, cleansing, clearing. He's doing amazingly well in his ability to sort out his feelings and emotions. And he had to have a last-minute kidney stone removed this last week. He's feeling better. This Thursday will be our 13th anniversary. I can't believe it.

And so, we're headed into a beautiful holiday season minus a family member this year. We're headed into it here in Portland completely by ourselves for nearly the first time in our years together. A busy season. With fairly quiet hearts. And looking forward to a new year.


anne marie said...

and I see you have switched to holiday colors!

may I be the first to wish you and your delicious hubby happy anniversary! and after all you two have been through this year, I would think a little quiet time would be just the ticket to settling your spirits and minds for the new year ahead.

many many more years of happiness and hugs to you both!

anne marie in philly

Greg said...

After recent events, I'm glad things seem to have quieted for you. Enjoy the season!

Blair said...

Looking forward to the new year, indeed. We will look back and reflect on all the things we have been through you and I. A lot in just 13 years. The last year probably the most challenging and difficult but we prevailed and onward we go.

I am proud of you and keeping your nose to the wind. I will support you 200% and look forward to whatever 2011 brings! Love you!

Rick said...

A regular happy hour day per week sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

BTW, I like the new picture/header. What is that from?

Blobby said...

Congrats on 13....to both of you!

RAD said...

13! Same for Jeff and I.....Happy Anni and so happy you are my bud! Love ya!

Ur-spo said...

I too want to wish you both a happy new year in so many ways 'new year'. May there be many more.

CJ/Rick said...

Sounds as if you're right on track. I bet the Christmas season is beautiful in Portland.
I hate that I missed your happy hour.