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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Struggle of Easter

I must admit that I don't feel today about Christian holidays the same way I used to.  I've migrated.  Holidays used to mean church, music, practice, new clothes to wear, up early, pancake breakfasts, flowers, and candy.  And who could imagine an Easter without trumpet fanfare heralding Christ the Lord is Risen Today.....Alleluia.  I still have some of those same sorts of feelings -- although I think they are more tied to memories of my childhood and past rather than tied directly to a system of faith or belief.  I miss some things about the holidays and special memory-inducing moments.  But I look at life far differently nowadays. 

I think of Christ.  Risen on Easter 'morn.  I think of the miracles He did.  The vision he promoted.  The message he carried.  And then I look at many of his followers today.  And it doesn't all add up.  The message is ill.  The feelings are poor.  The original Christ and many of his followers today operate on different planets.  I'm afraid that He would have nothing to do with them.  The Christ of old had nothing to do with those things I mentioned earlier -- the pancake breakfasts, flowers and such.  And I think of the many, many occasions throughout the centuries where Christians could have chosen to do good....to do the right thing....and they chose not to.  I mean, if you asked me today if I'm a Christian or not, I'd tell you yes.  Of course I am.  But we'd leave it at that.  Because I want no association with the right-wing, political, evangelical church of today.  It stands for nothing but political gain any longer.  The message has been lost, vaporized, into who knows where.  The church brought many good things into my life.  But it also taught me to feel about people, life, the world, and events in a way that I do not subscribe to any longer. 

So today, again, I struggle to find the right words to announce the Easter holiday.  I'm thankful for springtime, for fresh new beginnings, for life, for my home and partner, and the pooch.  And I'm grateful that I've grown, evolved, changed and challenged myself and my belief system.  And I look for ways every day of my life to help out someone else.  And I think I'll just leave it at that.  Happy Easter.  Happy Spring.  Happy Newness to each of our lives. 


The Everyday Adventure. said...

I can comment here that I no longer consider myself a Christian... but I would not on FB as it would be very sad for my family. I like to think I believe in Christ's message, but not in the church. I have those exact same memories of Easter, but I feel a distinct aversion from church this weekend. It was such a poignant and important day as a Christian... and it hurts almost as much in the other direction that it has no meaning anymore.

BosGuy said...

Easter no longer has any meaning for me - other than its a good excuse to be with my family which I love dearly and enjoy spending time.

Ur-spo said...

I will go to early Mass and sing that exact hymn.
That will be it, but for some prayers of thanksgiving.
It is enough for me.
No brunch or dinner or bonnet or parade

I may have a jelly bean though

LeLo said...

I struggle today with the discovery that the malls are closed for the holiday.DANG!

Bridge Journey said...

Well said... pretty much articulates the things I cannot quite wrap words around these days concerning such matters of my spirituality.

anne marie said...

I grew up catholic...nuff said there.

none of that religious bullshit for me - I matured, put 2 and 2 together and came up with 3 as far as religion in general is concerned.

today is just another day, albeit with some chocolate eggs and black jelly beans (my faves!). I have done 2 loads of laundry, had chinese buffet for lunch, took a nap, and am currently listening to my baseball team beat up on san diego. a good day indeed!

Ron said...

Well said. I have evolved much the same way as you have. I grew up in a Christian (Baptist) church but as I became an adult the Christian teachings that I learned at Sunday School were no applicable to me because I was gay. I don't fault Christianity but the 'man made' or organized church. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn't leave the church, it left me. I am now an agnostic because I don't believe that an all loving God would tolerate what is going on in His name today. If Heave is to be populated by likes of those in the Religious Right, then I know for sure than organized religion is a fraud. For those who find comfort in the rituals and ceremony of religion, I say 'fine'. But for me? No way. Organized religion offers nothing for me but condemnation and pain. Easter is just another pagan holiday co-opted by the Christian religion.

Ryan said...

so true brother so true its funny how we keep getting into each others minds kinda write the same thing but in a different way. walmart was the place open really for the record!

love ya bro!

bardelf said...

I like your use of "Happy Newness". That pretty much sums up my feelings about this time of year. As for Easter in particular, I feel the message of the resurrection is simply one of Hope.
So, I Hope you are filled with a sense of Newness in the coming days.